“What really stood out for me about Crucible was the way in which David faced his Goliath. In life we all have our Goliaths – in one way or another. David never used other people’s approaches, but approached Goliath on God’s terms. So often we look for other solutions and ideas – forgetting that we are called by God. But we really can only fight our Goliaths by focusing on God, as David did. In this, Crucible has drastically changed my perspective – and I will be a better pastor and husband as a result of it.

I would really encourage others to do Crucible – not only did it change my heart, but it was also practical. This course is a powerful eye-opener. I left wanting to do, and challenged to do, exactly what God requires of me.”
                                    Reverend Theo Thotela, Moletsane Church of the Nazarene, Soweto


This was one of the testimonies from the group who attended a Crucible Live Event held at Moletsane Church of the Nazarene, in partnership with Living Hope Tabernacle in Soweto.  In attendance were pastors and lay people, who left encouraged about the growth in their own lives – and excited about the prospect of being trained to teach the Crucible Live Event in their own churches and spheres of influence.

Crucible deals with some of the critical choices that Israel’s shepherd king faced – choices we all face in our own lives. As Crucible explores the life of David, we see how God uses the choices we make to transform us into people after His own heart. Our decisions can have a lifelong impact and we can learn much from how David handled these important moments.

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