Unveil God’s EPIC story as you’ve never experienced before!


Step into the Story

The Walk Thru the Bible otLIVE event is unlike any other Bible teaching you’ve experienced. This live event unpacks the big picture of the Old Testament in an exciting, engaging way that brings people together and ignites passion for God’s Word…and in less time than you ever thought possible!

Have you ever struggled to follow the storyline of the Bible?

Are there parts of the Bible you tend to steer away from?

Would you like to be encouraged with your Bible reading?

Need more background to help the context of your daily reading?

Bringing the Bible to life



There’s a lot to remember in the Bible. And it can be overwhelming and confusing. But through otLIVE, in just a few short hours, you will learn the major people and events of the Old Testament in chronological order—and you’ll enjoy yourself in the process!


Appropriate for all ages.


Learn the Old Testament in just a few hours

Over 10 million worldwide have attended otLIVE, making it one of the most attended events of all time!

At an otLIVE Live Event we...

Reveal how the Old Testament fits together
Have fun
Make it memorable
Encourage questions
Inspire Bible reading
Tailor each Live Event for the group
Simply teach the Bible

Get the Big Picture of the Bible!

Removes the intimidation of the Bible
Provides the big picture of the Old Testament through a fun, exciting experience
Ignites passion for God’s Word and revitalizes people’s walk!
75% of participants commit to daily Bible reading following the event

Experience the Bible like never before

It’s interactive, memorable, relevant, exciting, and fun! Using the exclusive Walk Thru the Bible hand signs memory system, our certified Walk Thru the Bible instructor will guide you through the Old Testament in a way you’ve never experienced!

Encounter the Old Testament like never before with otLIVE!

Travel through the storyline of the Old Testament in a way that is understandable, memorable and fun.
In just two and a half hours, you will learn the major people and events in chronological order.
Seeing the big picture of the Bible will encourage you to read with fresh understanding.
You will never read your Bible the same way again.
We will give you a helpful structure which fills in any gaps you might have.
For those who are new to the Bible this can be a revelation!
Imagine the impact on your church if everyone felt a fresh inspiration with their Bible reading.
Each participant receives either a workbook or a full-colour workmap.
This Live Event can be presented to a mixed-age audience of adults, teens and children. Children will receive age-appropriate workmaps.
Children-only events are also available.
Available in multiple languages.

Change lives.

That’s exactly what a otLIVE Live Event does. It’s not a class, not a typical seminar or a boring lecture. It’s a one-of-a-kind, highly dynamic, memorable event that helps you understand God’s Word and make the connection between His story and your story.

Plan now to attend otLIVE near you! It’s an encounter with Scripture – and its Author – that you won’t want to miss.

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