What if the detour is the only way to the destination?


The “end” of Joseph’s dreams was really just the beginning.

Joseph’s detour really wasn’t a detour after all. It was God’s sovereign plan – the purpose between the lines of the story. There are many parallels between his life and the ministry of Jesus, and therefore between his life and ours as followers of Jesus. As with Joseph and Jesus, our stories become a part of God’s even greater story – the story not only of a tragic fall but also of a stunning redemption. And regardless of the pain, the challenges and the adversity we go through, the glory of our story will be worth it in the end.

When life hits the wall…

You thought you knew God’s will. Then life hit a wall and went in a different opposite direction. That’s a detour.

A detour causes some people to walk away from God. But others, like Joseph, draw nearer to Him. That choice can make the difference between disappointment and destiny. Because the “end” of your dreams may just be the beginning.

Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn’t Make Sense

Detour explores the life of Joseph, who could have easily given up mentally and emotionally. But God had a different purpose for Joseph.

Discover how God worked out His plan in unexpected ways, and what it all means for us.

What if the detour is the only way to the destination?

Joseph's dreams were dead.

Or were they? No, his hardships were part of a bigger story – a story of faith, character, and influence for God’s kingdom. And you are part of this bigger story too. Whatever your path, God will put you in unexpected places of influence if you are faithful to Him and responsive to His ways.

More than history

Of course, the goal of this Live Event is far more than history. As you step into Joseph’s story, you’ll discover multiple parallels between your life and his. God’s basic methods have not changed through the centuries, and with Joseph as your personal mentor, you just might come to appreciate the detours in your life as never before.


A Live Event experience on the life of Joseph...

Joseph and His Family

Joseph and His Work

Joseph and His Choices

Joseph and His Nation

Joseph and His Heart

Joseph and His Legacy

In our walk through life,

God’s road map almost never takes us in a straight line from point A to point B. He inserts many “detours” along our life’s path. Detours by definition are diversions from our focused path, bypasses around our goals, indirect routes to our destinations, deviations from our plan for our lives. These detours almost always end up taking the long way around and taking lots more time than we predicted, anticipated, or wanted.

In this study of Joseph’s life, we will explore the many ways that God diverted Joseph’s life, tested his resolve, delayed his desires and tried his beliefs through hardship, adversity, suffering and the death of Joseph’s dream.

What if the detour isn’t a detour after all? What if the detour is really God’s sovereign plan for your life?

Based on Phil Tuttle’s dynamic ‘Detour: Finding Purpose When Life Doesn’t Make Sense’, this six-session Live Event can be presented in one day, or customised over a period according to your group’s needs.  

God is writing an epic story, and you are part of it. Discovering your place in that story can transform your life – and the lives of many others – forever.

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