Become a Live Event instructor. We are always looking to expand our team of Walk Thru the Bible instructors.

Instructor Training

Teach for LifeChange. Revitalise People’s Walk.

Thousands of Walk Thru the Bible Live Events are taught worldwide each year. Many thousands of lives are changed through them. Does that kind of fruitfulness resonate with your mission and calling? Then consider becoming an instructor with Walk Thru the Bible.
If you have a heart to impact lives in a major, life-changing way and you have a passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching, then you’ll find becoming an instructor one of the best investments of your time and gifting.

Through this training you’ll be equipped to bring these Live Events into both the Christian community and the marketplace. As an instructor, you can dramatically increase the impact of your teaching in your current role and open up opportunities to touch more lives.

What are the benefits to you? You can …

  • add a powerful tool to your training ‘toolkit’
  • increase your reach by expanding your audience
  • enhance and further your mission of equipping others
  • join a global network of Walk Thru the Bible teachers
  • earn supplemental income

Become an instructor in the area of your passion. Choose to be trained in one or more live events from Bible overviews, to life skills to teacher training.
Your current instructor training options are:

  • otLIVE
  • People Puzzle
  • KidZ at Heart

Click on ‘Scheduled Events‘ to view upcoming instructor training events. Be sure – it must say ‘Instructor Training’ for it to be an instructor training event.

What makes a good Live Event instructor? You do, if you…

  • Have a passion for impacting lives through teaching.
  • Can teach simply, clearly – and make it fun.
  • Will make time to teach Live Events, often Saturdays, regularly.
  • Have a good network of contacts to give you the early events getting you up and running.
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit to schedule, service and teach Live Events.
  • Are prepared to take the necessary steps to receive training from Walk Thru the Bible.

Our faculty includes pastors, seminary professors, professionals, small group leaders, school teachers and business professionals.

Walk Thru the Bible certified instructors automatically qualify to become a member of the select LifeChange Instructor’s Forum – in short, the LIFe Forum. Whilst you are an active instructor you’ll receive optional benefits such as regular personal encouragement, webinars, skills development and be invited to exclusive gatherings and special events. The LIFe Forum is the support you need so that you don’t have to go it alone!

Become an instructor and you’ll impact lives!

Take the next step today:

For any questions you may have at any time please contact Walk Thru the Bible in Johannesburg on 011-782-4222 (+27-11-782-4222) or email [email protected] and we’ll call to you back.