“We are trying to do what Jesus would do”  – a ttt4c project

“We are trying to do what Jesus would do” – a ttt4c project

Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa through its associated entity turn the tide 4 children (ttt4c) provides monthly financial support to church-run projects which minister to vulnerable children. These projects are actively involved in Bible teaching and discipling children, as well as meeting some of their physical needs.

Pastor Praise Nkosi from Living Hope Tabernacle in Soweto shares the story of the children’s project run by his church. And after just a few minutes of conversation with him, you get a sense of the burden that he carries for his people…

“Due to initial government restrictions, we had to adapt our aftercare Eagle Youth Empowerment Project – where we ministered to children on a daily basis. So, we had to think differently. Because the people in the community are suffering, we decided to distribute food parcels to the families of children that we were feeding at the aftercare. We had to identify those who were struggling the most and we have now been providing  food parcels to 50 families every month.”

According to a volunteer at the aftercare, Somi Sifile:
“There are many difficulties facing the families of the children in aftercare. It is painful. Most families are not working, and many people live in one house. There are problems with child neglect and drinking. Some parents are unable to care for their kids. We are trying to do what Jesus would do. We are trying to be with the people and share with the people and re-connect them with the church.

Please pray for strength and wisdom to encourage the volunteers in this work – that we might bring hope as we meet needs within our community. Please also pray for us for wisdom to best meet the needs of those in the aftercare.”

Children’s day celebration with otLIVE

Children’s day celebration with otLIVE

The excitement of the children who gathered at Revival Impact World Church in Chief Albert Luthuli Park in Johannesburg on Saturday the 30th of November 2019 certainly matched the bright sunny weather. The much anticipated event was a Children’s Day Celebration.

The 60 children and their Sunday School teachers participated in otLIVE as they learned the big picture of the Old Testament. In between the sessions there was much dancing and singing – and certainly a party atmosphere.

As the Sunday School teachers shared:

“The children learnt so much from otLIVE and so did we! otLIVE also reminded us about engaging the children to make Scripture lessons more interesting. The more we make learning fun and interactive, the more we will engage the children as we disciple them. Children’s ministry was important to Jesus and it should be important to us too!

As teachers we have the great privilege to teach these children about God for they are the future ministers of His Word. otLIVE really helps them all to understand how the big picture of God’s story fits together.

The children had so much fun with otLIVE. They want to know when you are coming back!”


This was also one of the first otLIVEs taught by the newly trained otLIVE instructor, Welcome Ndlovu – who had just as much fun as the children.
As one of the Sunday School teachers shared: “The kids just loved Welcome. He has such a natural repoire with the kids.”











(Our grateful thanks to Joyce Nkosi from Revival Impact World Church for this feedback)

** ttt4c (turn the tide 4 children) which is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa were part of supporting this year end celebration.

For more information on otLIVE please click here

“We can defeat our giants – by looking to God”

“We can defeat our giants – by looking to God”

Rev Vincent Kandan, reflecting on the impact of Crucible, a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event

“I arrived at the Walk Thru the Bible office for the Crucible Event with an acute sense of the physical, economic, and spiritual burdens that the 180 members of my congregation were facing. We were in this valley. We were working hard, but we were struggling.

Not long before the Crucible Event, our church had hosted a Holiday Bible Club for local children. When 2000 children attended, our entire congregation rejoiced at how God had used us to make an impact in the community. But immediately afterwards,   problems among our people seemed to intensify. Marriages deteriorated, family conflicts surfaced, and health issues abounded. Even my wife and I struggled with our health.

You know, I have heard the story of David many times, but somehow Crucible refreshed my faith and gave me the strength to resolve to lead my congregation through the time of crisis. I learnt so much from this Live Event. As I studied the lives of David, Saul, and Goliath – as presented in Crucible, I could see such parallels with what my own church was facing.



“There are so many things against us. But God will be with us.”









Defeating the Giant

Crucible teaches about Saul’s fear versus David’s faith. I decided to share that with my congregation. Some of them will tell you they don’t have much faith. But every time a giant in our lives and congregation rears its ugly head, we as pastors need to advise our people to become dependent on God – and not give in to fear. Saul was dependent on his own strength, but David came in the name of the Lord Almighty. I believe this is how we can overcome. We can defeat our giants – by looking to God.

I decided immediately to teach Crucible to my church. For me, I wanted them to know: the Lord says, ‘The battle is not yours. It’s mine.’ We need to give our giants to God. There are so many things that are against us. Will they ever go away? I don’t think so. But God will be with us.”

Please click here for more information on Crucible.

“Raising our children to know how we should live as we await the return of Christ”

“Raising our children to know how we should live as we await the return of Christ”

“What I love is that ntLIVE is so reflective. We have run this Live Event in our Sunday School – and it has allowed the children to reflect on the New Testament stories and what they mean for their lives. It is so important that they reflect on the truth of who Christ is.

ntLIVE introduced the children to three important elements in the Christian life – the birth, death and coming again of Christ. It also helps us all to understand that we are living in New Testament times – waiting for Christ to return.

We need to teach them:
How do we live while we wait His return – and what does Christ want us to do?
And ntLIVE was so helpful with this!







I personally learn something new every time I teach this Live Event!”

~ Xolani Mtanyelwa, Agape Family Church





Agape Warriors, run by Agape Family Church in Katlehong, currently minister to 250 children on a weekly basis – with the distinct aim of catering to the spiritual needs of the children. They are supported on a monthly basis by turn the tide 4 children (ttt4c) – which is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa.

Project leader, Charmaine Mtanyelwa explains:

“These children face many challenges – including poverty, broken families, alcoholism and illiteracy. We want them to know that regardless of their backgrounds, Christ loves and cares for them. Around here, Ncala is an area that is quite notorious – known for its high crime rate and instability. Agape Warriors have specifically identified the children from this community and sought to make a difference in their lives. So we transport the children from Ncala to church every Sunday – so that they can participate in the project. We do Bible lessons that are child friendly and include activities that help the children apply the lesson.

We have been so encouraged to see the impact of the project on the lives of the children. We have had parents who have come to church and given their lives to the Lord, because of their children being part of Agape Warriors. Parents share amazing stories with us – also about how their children’s behaviour has changed for the better. We never cease to give God the glory for these precious souls that He has entrusted into our care.

In addition to Sunday programs, Agape Warriors also run a program in the school holiday which caters for 400 children. During this time the children are taught life changing and Biblical principles through games and group work. They are also given breakfast and lunch. It is so important to know that the children are safe and fed during the holidays.

We face many challenges and social ills in our community – but this does not derail the passion that we have for children. We believe: “train up a child in the way he should go; when he is old he will not depart from it.” Great citizens begin with well-trained children.

Our gratitude goes to ttt4c for the monthly financial assistance we receive for this project. Thank you to the ttt4c donors who make this possible.”

** turn the tide 4 children (tt4c)  is associated with Walk Thru the Bible


PROFILING a ttt4c SUPPORTED CHILDREN’S PROJECT – Eagle Youth Empowerment Project

PROFILING a ttt4c SUPPORTED CHILDREN’S PROJECT – Eagle Youth Empowerment Project

Run by Living Hope Tabernacle in Soweto, Johannesburg

This turn the tide 4 children (ttt4c) supported children’s project provides after school care and support to 180 children between the ages of six and eleven. (ttt4c is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa.)

Project workers provide the children with a meal and assist with homework. They also do Bible teaching and various extra-curricular activities with the children. In order to help address emotional and psychological needs, the project is in partnership with social workers – as well as with other stakeholders such as the ‘help to read program’.

The children face may difficulties and mostly come from impoverished home environments. Many live with grandmothers (due to the death of their own parents) or with unemployed single mothers.

According to project worker, Vuyiswa Sifile: “We are so happy to see the transformation in many of the children. We even have parents asking us to assist them with their children’s behaviour. Some have even joined our church because of their children being in the project.”

In addition to the after school care program, the Eagle Youth Empowerment Project also runs an annual holiday program in order to reach out to other children in the community.

Our grateful thanks to the turn the tide 4 children (ttt4c) donors who provide financial support for the various children’s projects that are run by High Impact Network Churches.

** ttt4c is associated with Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa.