r12 Church Campaign

Turning Believers into Disciples by presenting a clear, Biblical target of Discipleship based on Romans 12

The True Spirituality – r12 Church Campaign inspires and guides believers to become authentic disciples.  The included study material lead the participants through a verse by verse expositional “unpacking” of Romans 12, helping church members understand the true meaning of relational discipleship.

True Spirituality – r12 is a recommended next step for local churches who have committed themselves to impacting their communities. Key to making an impact is church members who truly know what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  This Church Campaign provides a pathway to help believers become more like Jesus every day.

True Spirituality


r12 Introduction – What is true spirituality?

Surrender to God – How do I give God what He wants the most?

Separate from the World’s Values – How do I get God’s best for my life?

Sober in Self-Assessment – How do I come to grips with the real me?

Serving in Love – How do I experience authentic community?

Supernaturally Responding to Evil with Good – How do I overcome the evil aimed at me?[/fusion_tab]

The r12 themes are found throughout Scripture, not just in one passage. That’s why r12 comes to life with teachings from the Old Testament, Paul’s writing in the New Testament and in the life of Christ.

Opening weekend service and 7-Day Devotional: Start the campaign with a message covering the Romans 12 passage. Then challenge each member to do the foundational 7-day devotional over the following week. This 7-day devotional is included in the r12 True Spirituality According to Jesus bilingual Study Guide.

Weekend Services: r12 themed messages seen through the lives of Old Testament figures: Abraham, Daniel, Moses, David & Jonathan, Joseph

Small Group Study: True Spirituality According to Jesus. Go deeper with the six-week video-based content developed for small group study and adult classes.

On Demand: r12 Online for commonly asked questions. This video-rich environment helps people become “self-feeders” of Romans 12. (go to www.r12online.com)

• Do the 7-Day r12 devotional (included in the r12 True Spirituality According to Jesus bilingual Study Guide)

• Join a small group – True Spirituality According to Jesus

• Participate in the weekend services

• Serve the local community with your small group in the church-wide community outreach project



All you need right here

Each church needs: One church campaign kit + One workbook PER adult small group participant.
Get the Campaign Starter Kit and build from there. OPTIONAL FREE EXTRA – up to 10 small group DVD’s*

r12 Church Campaign

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R49 each

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R49 each

Campaign Starter Kit

all you need for 100 participants

includes 1 full church campaign kit + 100 adult small group participant workbooks

OPTIONAL FREE EXTRA – receive 10 campaign DVD’s of your choice*

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Available workbook languages can be mixed and matched. Any combination of available small group, youth or children DVDs may be selected.

Available languages: English and Afrikaans (excluding video and certain resources).


The True Spirituality – r12 components and lower resource pricing are only available as part of the Base Church Campaign Package to local churches doing the r12 Church Campaign.  This means the whole church with all or as many a possible members are participating.  Every participating church member has his/her own original participant guide.

Orders need to be paid for before shipping.

The quantity you order cannot be reduced or returned once invoiced and shipped but can be increased.

DVD’s may not be duplicated – see the full duplication policy here

**Walk Thru the Bible is not able to fund the large stock quantities required for consignment. To embark on this Church Campaign, the church is required to purchase the Base Church Campaign Package.  This Campaign Package includes all the necessary resources and tools to accommodate 100 individual participants and 10 participating Small Groups.

Additional participant resources can be purchased at the same Campaign Package price, when adding on resources to an already purchased Church Campaign Base Package.

The True Spirituality – r12 Church Campaign Base Package is Available for R39.00 (Incl VAT) per person.

Included in this Package are the Following:

The Trues Spirituality -r12 Base Campaign Package contains 1x Church Campaign Kit.

The comprehensive kit includes the following resources:

  • Promotional & Small Group DVD’s: Includes promotional and introductory messages from Chip Ingram as well as the “True Spirituality According to Jesus” six session Small Group DVD.
  • Sermon Tools CD: This CD includes six MP3 format Audio Messages, Sermon Transcripts, Teaching outlines and more.  You’ll also find Campaign coaching notes from Chip to ensure the success of your campaign.
  • Communications CD:  This CD includes devotionals, Word documents and Excell spreadsheets to assist you in communicating with your church members and to organize the Campaign effectively. The CD also includes samles from a real campaign to as an example of hoe to execute a Church Campaign effectively.
  • Weekend programming CD: This CD includes: Weekend Service Programming Ideas ; Music, Video & Visual Art Ideas ; Order of Service & Bulletin Samples.  The Small Groups Toolbox also included on this CD contains a Profile of a Small Group Host; Profile of a Small Group Coach; Evaluation Form for Small Group Members; How to Start a Group (use in host orientation); FAQs for Small Group Hosts (use in host orientation); Bonus Session: Better Together; r12 Personal Spiritual Health Assessment.
  • Youth Curriculum CD: This includes: Six-week small group curriculum with leader’s guide; Daily Devotionals; Sample weekend messages; Social networking and SMS strategy.

The Trues Spirituality -r12 Base Campaign Package contains 10x Small Group DVD’s.

  • The Small Group DVD includes Six Weekly Teaching Sessions to be used with the Small Group Study Guide.

The Trues Spirituality -r12 Base Campaign Package contains 100x Small Group Workbooks

The True Spirituality Study Guide is the companion piece to the Small Group DVD. This six-week side by side bilingual study guide takes your journey deeper with:

  • Message notes
  • Discussion questions
  • Hands-on activities putting the principles of Romans 12 to work in practical ways.
  • The 7-day devotional is also included in this r12 True Spirituality According to Jesus Bilingual Study Guide.

The Trues Spirituality -r12 Base Campaign Package contains 1x Living on the Edge Elementary Kit

r12-Elementarydvd1-w-r111108lh3-v2-001The principles of Chip Ingram’s r12 series from Romans 12 are communicated to Elementary Children (ages 6 to 12) in a fun, relevant and life-changing way.

Included in this  Kit is:

  • DVD with weekly video lessons,
  • A testimony and a game to reinforce the lesson
  • A CD with leader guides, student handouts, activity booklets and more.


True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Tweetalige Study Guide: Die ‘True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Small Group Study Guide is in Afrikaans vertaal. Vanaf  die 10de Januarie 2011 gaan slegs ‘n tweetalige (Engels and Afrikaans) weergawe van die ‘True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Small Group Study Guide beskibaar wees. Die ‘r12 7-Day Devotional’ gaan ook nou in beide tale in hierdie boekie ingesluit wees. Kerke sal ook nie meer onder die twee tale hoef te onderskei by bestelling nie – die boekie werk vir almal! Dus meer waarde, meer aanpasbaarheid. Die sessies in die boekie is:

Sessie 1 – Wat is ware spiritualiteit?

Sessie 2 – Hoe om vir God te gee wat Hy die graagste wil he

Sessie 3 – Hoe om die allerbeste van God te kry

Sessie 4 – Hoe om vrede te maak met die ware jy

Sessie 5 – Beleef egte gemeentskap

Sessie 6 – Oorkom die kwaad wat op jou gemik is

r12 Preke: Een weergawe van die preke wat op die Sondae gedurende die ‘r12 Church Campaign’ van die kansel af gepreek word is reeds vertaal en beskikbaar in die r12 Campaign Director afdeling. Indien u predikant of pastor die boodskappe klaar gepreek het, sal ons graag u notas ook beskikbaar wil maak aan ander. Laat ons asseblief weet.

True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Small Group DVD: Die kleingroepie DVD sal slegs in Engels beskikbaar wees, maar die gepaartgaande handleiding (sien ‘True Spirituality According to Jesus’ Tweetalige Study Guide’ hierbo’) is wel in Afrikaans en werk goed saam met die DVD boodskappe. Bestel dus die Engelse DVD vir gebruik in u Afrikaanssprekende kleingroepe.

Toekomstige r12 Afrikaanse vertalings: Meer van die r12 komponente gaan vorentoe in Afrikaans vertaal word. Toekomstige vertalings sal dan ook hier gelys word en sal verniet aan kerke beskikbaar wees wat alreeds the ‘r12 Church Campaign Kit’ aangekoop word.

Ds Charles James van NG Pellissier, Bloemfontein, berig die volgende oor r12: “Die r12 het regtig ons beste verwagtinge oortref!! 1,200 lidmate het by r12 kleingroepe ingeskakel.

Die terugvoer van die r12 kleingroepe is regtig amazing!! Die materiaal is baie aktueel en fasiliteer kleingroeplede om openhartig geestelike issues op die tafel te sit. Baie van die fasiliteerders getuig van kleingroeplede se lewensverandering en geloofsverdieping. Ons Jeugerediens (ongeveer 600 tieners) en belydenisklas (so ongeveer 100 kinders) is ook volledig deel van die r12.”