Ministering amidst the pandemic

Ministering amidst the pandemic

A story from Xolani, an otLIVE instructor, who has found creative ways to minister despite the pandemic…

“We have just started weekly otLIVE lessons which we run on Sundays in the yard of our home.

About 30 children from the community attend. We do the otLIVE lessons outside and try to comply with government regulations regarding social distancing and mask-wearing. Not easy with children!

This has been like a breath of fresh air for our family to get back to serving the kids. And you can see that the children have just been yearning for this!




Things are very tough for people generally in our community. The economic fallout from the pandemic has been massive. Families are in distress. Many have lost their jobs. The children often arrive hungry – so our church has been involved in reaching out with food parcels.”

(The outreach project run by Xolani’s church is one of those which are supported by Walk Thru the Bible, in partnership with turn the tide 4 children.)

First online training of otLIVE instructors

First online training of otLIVE instructors

Lockdown brought many ‘firsts’ for us all.

For Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa, this included our first online training of otLIVE instructors in Nigeria and India. What a privilege it was to partner with Walk Thru the Bible USA for these exciting events. We thank the Lord for technology that allows us to cross even closed borders!

As our South African trainer explains:

“There was such a wonderful energy that came from bringing together different teaching styles and cultures. How wonderful to see the passion and joy in the new Nigerian instructors – who were so creative in coming up with songs to help them remember the story and hand signs. Thank the Lord for Zoom which has opened up so many new opportunities.”


“These new otLIVE instructors are like wildfire going through the schools in Nigeria. They have all already taught many events, and otLIVE has been received with great excitement and enthusiasm.”

“otLIVE helped me to understand the big picture of the Old Testament in just one morning!”

“otLIVE helped me to understand the big picture of the Old Testament in just one morning!”

Moms-for-Wellington are a passionate group of women from a cross section of society in the town of Wellington in the Western Cape of South Africa. The group is committed to serving the vulnerable children in their community through structured initiatives such as discipleship, feeding and pre-school programs.

The otLIVE instructor relates:

“It was a great time doing an otLIVE Live Event for Moms-for-Wellington. What a great opportunity to invest in the lives of the ladies who disciple and work with the children. This was a way empowering them with a better understanding of the Bible – both as they minister to the children and to enrich their personal walks with the Lord.

Afterwards some of the enthusiastic group of moms shared their feedback:

“I have such a sense of accomplishment! I never thought I could understand the big picture of the Old Testament in just one morning – but otLIVE helped me to do that!”

“I am surprised at how much I learned in just one day.”

“This is great, easy to learn material”.

May the Lord bless and strengthen these precious ladies as they minister to the vulnerable children in their community.


“We are trying to do what Jesus would do”  – a ttt4c project

“We are trying to do what Jesus would do” – a ttt4c project

After just a few minutes of conversation with Pastor Praise Nkosi from Living Hope Tabernacle in Soweto, you get a sense of the burden that he carries for his people.

He shares:

“Due to initial government restrictions we had to adapt our aftercare Eagle Youth Empowerment Project – where we ministered to children on a daily basis. So, we had to think differently. Because the people in the community are suffering, we decided to distribute food parcels to the families of children that we were feeding at the aftercare. We had to identify those who were struggling the most and we have now been providing  food parcels to 50 families every month.”

According to a volunteer at the aftercare, Somi Sifile:
“There are many difficulties facing the families of the children in aftercare. It is painful. Most families are not working, and many people live in one house. There are problems with child neglect and drinking. Some parents are unable to care for their kids. We are trying to do what Jesus would do. We are trying to be with the people and share with the people and re-connect them with the church.

Please pray for strength and wisdom to encourage the volunteers in this work – that we might bring hope as we meet needs within our community. Please also pray for us for wisdom to best meet the needs of those in the aftercare.”

“The food parcels were an answered prayer, we are singing praises to the Lord”

“The food parcels were an answered prayer, we are singing praises to the Lord”

Bishop Thimlela David Mathebula, senior Pastor of The Hour of Revival Gospel Church shares:

“During the Corona Virus Lockdown, with the help of Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa and turn the tide 4 children we have been able to provide monthly food parcels to 15 pastors and their families. This has been through our caring project called Acts of Compassion. These pastors were in desperate times. In these harsh economic times, their churches were unable to support them. Many of these pastors are also part of Walk Thru the Bible’s Pastor Circle, where they are equipped with ready-to-use sermon tools. These food parcels relieved a great burden for them, as they continue to minister to their people. The church really is the answer in our communities.”



Some of the pastors share their stories:

The groceries came at just the right time, when we were in real need, not knowing where to go to ask for help. As a family we were able to survive, and it was a great stress relief for me as the breadwinner and head of the family. I want to extend my gratitude for these gifts of groceries that my family have been receiving during the lockdown.

~ Apostle Alfred (full-time Pastor, father of three children)


The food parcels brought such a huge relief in our home. We had no other alternative except hoping in the Lord – and the food parcels were an answered prayer and are still so. We are singing praises to the Lord who has provided during these hard times.

~ Pastor Lucky (full time pastor in Kwa-Thema, married with four children)

I would like to take this time to Praise God for the help we received during the Lockdown period. It has been difficult for us financially, but the groceries we received during the past months have helped us as a family.

~ Pastor Jabulani (full time pastor in Daveyton and father of five children)


otLIVE: Strengthening those who take God’s message of hope to others

otLIVE: Strengthening those who take God’s message of hope to others

What a privilege it was to present the otLIVE Live Event to the ministry team of Straatwerk, a ministry based in Cape Town.

Straatwerk has a specific burden to share the love of Christ with those who are cast out by society and to those who are broken.

The Straatwerk ministry team in action with the otLIVE hand signs

Please pray for this team – a dedicated and diverse group of women, who continue to reach out to others. May what they have learned through otLIVE, about the God of the Old Testament, strengthen them as they bring His message of hope to others.