Campaign Basics

A well-planned, well-run church campaign can change your church.

Walk Thru the Bible-facilitated Church Campaigns have a proven track record in southern Africa, based on multiple positive feedback received.

The Basics of Doing a Spiritual Growth Campaign

The Power of

The Five Renewals – the process of change

How can a Church Campaign Help my Community?

How can a Church Campaign Help my Local Church?

Pointers in Running an Effective Church Campaign

Twelve Tips for a Successful Campaign – Steve Gladen


A step-by-step guide from a campaign super hero

Having lived through 9 campaigns (running point on 5) in my 12 years as Small-Group Pastor here at Saddleback, I have discovered that a strategy is only as good as the foundation and follow-through that surrounds it. As they say, the devil is in the details. Read the full article HERE