Our Mission

Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa serves the Body of Christ with LifeChanging Bible tools and training, to see every community impacted.

By IMPACT we mean,

the lost are found

the found are matured

significant community needs are met

Walk Thru the Bible

Take a Walk. Change the World.

LifeChange Resources

Biblically accurate. Spiritually challenging. Culturally relevant. Fosters real life-change. Builds authentic community.

We all need practical tools to help us navigate everyday life as believers. Available studies range from parenting to leadership, personal holiness to godly marriage, from relationships to life skills.

Creative and innovative resources designed for individuals, families, small groups, churches, schools, businesses, government and organisations. Easy-to-use formats include DVD’s, church campaigns, study guides, books, CD’s and radio broadcasts.

Be equipped to live out your faith in your church, community and world!



Live Events

Experience a unique Walk Thru the Bible Live Event today and walk away renewed, better equipped for your journey, and with a greater understanding of God’s Word in this world.

Walk Thru the Bible Live Events are opportunities for growth and personal development and some include options to be certified to teach others. Available for adults, students and children. Topics include Bible surveys, people skills, children’s ministry, leadership development and more. A Walk Thru the Bible Live Event could be held in a church, business, school or community group.

Teaching God’s Word. Revitalizing people’s walk.

Community Impact

Through the High Impact Network and SEED approach (Strengthen, Encourage, Equip, Deploy) local churches are empowered and mentored – to reach the lost, mature the found and meet significant needs in the community.

Walk Thru the Bible also provides assistance with tangible resources such as food, blankets, equipment and training.

Local churches impacting every community!



Partner for Impact

Partner with us in making a real impact in Southern Africa. Join a movement that is helping to change churches, communities and lives in radical, lasting ways. When you support the ministry of Walk Thru the Bible, you change lives. Including your own.

You can partner by…
* Purchasing resources
* Prayer
* Giving

Go to ‘Partner’ on www.bible.org.za today to view partnership options. Alternatively SMS your name and the word ‘partner’ to 42862 (South Africa only, standard rates apply) and we’ll call you back with more information.




Get Connected

Take a Walk. Change the World.

Good Christians “live the life”; great Christians “leave a legacy”.

Chip Ingram - from Good to Great in God's Eyes

When we fail to forgive others and ourselves, God takes away the protection of His peace in our hearts.

Bruce Wilkinson - from How to Forgive Other People and Yourself

He chooses to qualify the called rather than call the qualified.

Phil Tuttle - from Crucible: The Choices that Change Your Life Forever

Knowing what to do must be translated into doing what you know.

From Walk Thru the Old Testament