The Bible Changes Everything

helping people everywhere live God's Word

The Bible changes everything…

And today, Walk Thru the Bible has countless open doors and opportunities to share the truth of God’s Word in a hurting, broken world. People everywhere are faced with the harsh reality of the pain of this world. But we can help. We can show people where to find the answers in Scripture. We can help ignite a passion for God’s Word in people’s hearts. We know that when people truly, deeply engage with Scripture that eyes are opened, lives are transformed, families are healed, communities are changed. 

Because God’s Word is hope to our communities

That’s why we exist. We ignite a passion for God’s Word through innovative live events and transformational resources.

We’ve seen it in the lives of people everywhere. When people encounter the living God in His Word, everything changes. Hearts are hungry for truth. Souls engage with the Word and fall in love with its Author.

Walk Thru the Bible’s biblically-based tools and resources change lives by equipping pastors and believers to know, teach and live God’s Word. Together, we can change the world. Help people encounter the living God through His Word and witness life transformation.

Join us as we Step Into the Story together!

For more than 30 years, Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa has been committed to helping people everywhere live God’s Word. We have partnered with people like you who are passionate about making the Bible known, people who know what it’s like to live a life forever transformed by the Word, people who want to change the world and make an eternal impact.

And every day we offer God’s truth to a broken world with this certainty: The Bible changes everything