Discover what your students want you to know – but are afraid to tell you.

with Style

What is the number one hindrance to learning?

When students are asked to describe the one thing they would change about their teachers if they could, what do you think they say? More advanced degrees? How about easier homework assignments? Maybe longer vacations?

The answer is none of the above! People really do want to learn, whether in church, school, or in a training class at work. But one giant obstacle often stands in their way: BOREDOM! That’s right! Boredom is the Number One hindrance to learning.

Communicators don’t want to bore their students – it happens when they fail to see teaching as a role to which they are called. It happens when they “act naturally” instead of acting in an intentionally. And it happens when personality and methodology are not empowered with style.


Recognizing this,

Teaching with Style will challenge your leaders, teachers and anyone else who wants to improve their communication skills. This unique, thought-provoking live event will teach participants how to communicate in God’s creative way. When they completely grasp the live event concepts and incorporate them into their lives, their teaching will improve dramatically – regardless of how good it was before. They’ll learn how to make God’s style their style in every situation.

In the Teaching With Style Live Event,

find out how to banish boredom from the classroom – or any teaching of communication environment – for good. In the following six session participants will be taught how to gain and maintain attention regardless of the setting or content. Learn how to put excitement and creativity back in teaching – where it belongs!  

"Was Jesus ever boring?"

Have you ever heard anyone say, ‘Jesus sure is a boring person!’? Probably not. And if God is never boring, why are His earthly ambassadors not as equally dynamic? When God communicates, He captures everyone’s attention – big or small. The characteristics of His style are easy to identify and to imitate. But you have to know what to look for – and where. Find out what makes God such a powerful Communicator.”

Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, author of Teaching With Style.

Six sessions

1: Universal Principles
2: Biblical Characteristics
3: Internal Beliefs
4: External Behaviours
5: Personality
6: Methodology

This six session Live Event can be presented in one day, or customised over a period according to your group’s needs.  

There are many methods of communication. Teaching with Style reveals practical steps on how to do them well. By the end of the day, you’ll know how to use time-tested methods to improve your audience’s learning dramatically. If there’s one word which describes how participants feel at the end of the day, that word would have to be “accomplished”. They’ll feel like they’ve gained more in these few hours than through any other experience in years.