How to teach almost anything to practically anyone.

7 Laws
of the Learner

Learn to communicate in powerful and transformational ways.

This live event helps every leader and teacher understand how people learn and how to communicate effectively to a group. Each principle taught is Biblically based and focuses on developing the skills required to ensure successful, impactful and transformational teaching. Designed for anyone in leadership or a teaching role (pastors, group facilitators, ministry leaders, Christian school teachers, home school educators and more!) As participants learn these principles, their teaching will be transformed and so will their students!

Welcome to a revolution in teaching! 



The 7 Laws of the Learner is for anyone who teaches others or who needs to learn how to communicate more effectively. This live event is not just for pastors and teachers but also for husbands and wives, parents and children, employers and employees. It’s for anyone who ever has the need to communicate more effectively.

Your turn!

The 7 Laws of the Learner has transformed the way thousands worldwide communicate – now it’s your turn!.

Whether you teach in a church context, at a school, in the home or on the job, The 7 Laws of the Learner will help equip you to accomplish God’s purposes for education – the transformation of lives by meeting needs through the accurate communication of the essential truths.

The seven sessions are: 

  1. The Law of the Learner: Learn communicating – not by how much material is covered – but by how well it has been learned. Communicate from the perspective of those who are listening.
  2. The Law of Expectation: Learn to recognise how you perceive your students or those with whom you are communicating. You will see them from God’s perspective rather than your own preconceived limitations.
  3. The Law of Application: Learn to impart time-tested wisdom rather than knowledge.
  4. The Law of Retention: Learn the art of communicating the most information, in the shortest time, for the greatest retention.
  5. The Law of Need: Learn how to respond to the needs of an audience rather than just to proceed with the agenda of the instructor.
  6. The Law of Equipping: Using the model from Ephesians 4, participants learn how to make the most out of every teaching and communicating opportunity.
  7. The Law of Revival: Learn how to build a firm foundation for communication in every area of your life.

You will be able to teach almost anything to practically anybody once you master these seven time-tested principles. Your passion for educating others will be rekindled as you learn how to motivate low achievers and enable students to master twice the material in half the time. Discover what really motivates students – and teaching will never be the same!

Based on Dr. Bruce Wilkinson’s popular The 7 Laws of the Learner, these seven Live Event sessions provide a total training experience and can be presented in one day, or customised over a period according to your group’s needs.

Be prepared – your teaching and your students will never be the same!

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