Teach others how to understand and dramatically improve relationships!

People Puzzle

Instructor Training

This is an instructor training event.

If you have a heart to impact lives in a major, LifeChanging way and you have a passion for teaching, mentoring and coaching, then you’ll find becoming a People Puzzle Instructor one of the best investments of your time and gifting.

Become a People Puzzle Instructor and you’ll impact lives!

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People Puzzle Instructor training is a one-day equipping event for pastors, professionals and business leaders, encompassing three courses, that will dramatically:

  • Improve your people skills
  • Strengthen your leadership abilities
  • Enhance team building opportunities
  • Provide you with three powerful equipping tools

People Puzzle Instructor training trains you to teach THREE LifeChanging people skills Live Events. Through this one-day training you’ll be equipped to bring these live events into both the Christian community and the wider business world. The three People Puzzle Live Events you will be equipped in are:

Sharpening Your People Skills
Geared toward the professional business environment and provides a focus on team building skills. Using a DISC-based behavioural indicator, you’ll learn how to improve relationships in every area of your life. Gain a new perspective on how to maximise strengths, motivate and encourage others based on their unique personality. Designed for leadership teams, company staff, NGO’s, government bodies, teachers and students. With NO Bible references in the participant guide, Sharpening Your People Skills can be used in any context. This this five-and-one-half-hour Live Event is also available in Afrikaans as ‘Verskerp Jou Verhoudingsvaardighede’. 

Solving the People Puzzle
Solidly founded upon Scriptural principles and containing Biblical references and themes, the skills obtained can benefit the participant for a lifetime. Using a DISC-based behavioural indicator, participants discover insights about themselves and what motivates them to do the things they do. By better understanding themselves, they’ll be able to see how they fit into their own “people puzzle” and the “people puzzle” of everyone else in their lives. All areas of life will improve. In this very practical five-and-one-half-hour Live Event those who attend will learn to solve relational problems which used to baffle them. The ultimate benefit is that each person will be able to see where their piece of the puzzle fits. Designed for leadership teams, church staff, mission teams and Christian school teachers. This Live Event is also available in Afrikaans as ‘Solving the People Puzzle in Afrikaans’.

Understanding the Love of Your Life
Improve your marriage using these effective insights! Starting with a DISC-based behavioural indicator, gain a new perspective on how God designed your spouse with specific gifts and strengths. This marriage enrichment event offers a unique and refreshing opportunity to discover or rediscover how God has made you for each other and how teamwork in your marriage will take you to the next level and beyond. This practical five-and-one-half-hour Live Event is highly recommended for those who have been married for years, as well as for those who are engaged or recently married. This Live Event is also available in Afrikaans as  ‘Verstaan die Liefde van Jou Lewe’.

In all three of the above Live Events, a similar building-block approach is used. Three powerful components are combined to produce a practical and usable outcome for participants…


Using a highly effective DISC-based behavioural-preference discovery tool participants will learn about their own strengths and talents. They’ll improve relationships and recognize that they have the freedom to be exactly who they are. This realisation also will encourage the freedom to allow others to be exactly who they are.

Understanding others:

Each person will gain a much clearer understanding of those they get along well with and those with whom they have problems, because they’ll be able to recognise what is motivating them.

Improving relationships:

Because attendees will better understand themselves and others, they will have some practical skills at their disposal to build stronger, healthier and more productive relationships.

People Puzzle Live Events can be taught to adults and young people.

Leadership Principles

These leadership principles are taught at a People Puzzle Instructor training event:

Learn about the four personal styles that impact the way people interact and work together.
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you.
Value and appreciate yourself and others.
Learn how to adapt your personal style and approach to meet the collective need and achieve the greater good.
Apply these principles in order to lead more cohesive teams.
Build stronger teams and families by teaching others to apply the People Puzzle concepts in their daily lives.

When you teach this Live Event you will have the following teaching aids and materials available to you: workbook, workmap (you’ll use one or the other) and PowerPoint presentations. Instructors are also trained to teach without presentation aids such as PowerPoint.

While your initial Instructor Training will be in English (unless otherwise indicated), afterwards you are be encouraged to teach the Live Event in the languages of your choice. You can teach in your mother tongue. The participant workmaps and workbooks for the various Live Events are currently available in English and Afrikaans, with additional languages to be added based on demand.

Permission vs Certification

After successfully participating in the People Puzzle Instructor training you will automatically have lifetime permission to teach this Live Event anywhere. There are no minimum annual event or reporting requirements. At the Instructor training event you will receive a once-off personal People Puzzle Instructor Training participant certificate. In short, ‘Permission’ means: trained once – no requirements thereafter – teach forever.
Ready to maximise your training investment and to take the next step up? You want to achieve and retain the coveted certified Instructor status, along with all the benefits. This group of committed instructors is the heart of the legendary Walk Thru the Bible Live Events – and you are invited! See the Instructor FAQ section for all the details and benefits of being a certified Instructor.

Your People Puzzle Instructor training includes:

one-day live training. The ‘Sharpening Your People Skills’ course is reviewed in full, while ‘Solving the People Puzzle’ and ‘Understanding the Love of Your Life’ are cross-referenced. You are expected to have fully completed the online version of this course. See ‘People Puzzle Instructor training requirements’ below.

Instructor manuals.
PowerPoint materials.
One personal computerised online Success Insights DISC report.
Options for your ongoing access to computerised online DISC reports.
Three course workbooks – one per module for your personal training.
Lifetime permission to teach Solving the People Puzzle, Sharpening Your People Skills and Understanding the Love of Your Life anywhere.
Your personal People Puzzle Instructor Training participant certificate (for ongoing certification see Instructor FAQ).
No annual renewal fee, no reporting requirements and no minimum annual workbook order requirement.
Lunch and refreshments.

Unless otherwise indicated, accommodation is not included in the Live Event fee.

Alumni discount – If you have previously attended a People Puzzle Instructor Training event (or equivalent) you can attend this event at a 50% discount. Come for a refresher. Advise upon registration to qualify.

Remember! Get more than DOUBLE your investment back – see the Instructor Rebate Offer.


Upcoming People Puzzle Instructor Training: 21 November 2023 

  1. Complete the DISCover Yourself and Others online training course.
  2. Plan your first training event to take place after the instructor training: date and audience
  3. Complete the application form – link below



Contact us at:

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Email: [email protected]

Cost: R4850-00 per person

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People Puzzle Instructor training requirements

To be one of the select certified People Puzzle Instructors there are requirements to meet BEFORE attending the Instructor Training, standards to achieve DURING the training and expectations to meet AFTER the training.

  • Complete the full ‘DISCover Yourself and Others’ online course. Go to https://www.tencourses.org/bsow1-elective-eng/. Register here to get free access to the ‘DISCover Yourself and Others’ teaching sessions in MP4 and the workbook download. You must watch the full online course BEFORE being allowed to submit your application for People Puzzle Instructor training. This is a minimum requirement for training.
  • It is highly recommended that you set up your first teaching event, in any of the three modules, before you even arrive for the training.
  • Complete your personal computerised online Success Insights DISC report (included in the fee and details will be emailed to you in advance).
  • As the training event is facilitated in English you need to be proficient (read, speak, teach) in English to attend the Instructor Training.
  • You’ll need to have taught all or part of the training in the presence of the trainer and/or to other trainers or instructors – don’t worry, we’ll train you to do this!
  • People Puzzle Instructor Training participants receive lifetime permission to teach Solving the People Puzzle, Sharpening Your People Skills and Understanding the Love of Your Life anywhere.
  • Original workbooks or workmaps must be used at all Live Events.
  • If though, you want to achieve and retain the coveted certified Instructor status, along with all the benefits, you need to…  
    • Teach any combination of the three People Puzzle modules at least three times within the first six months of being trained. (for ongoing certification see Instructor FAQ)
    • To qualify, each Live Event must be reported and the completed participant evaluation forms returned.
    • The exclusive CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR certificate is only issued after the above AFTER requirements have been met.
    • Once achieved, your People Puzzle Instructor certification will be valid for 12 months.
    • To maintain your People Puzzle Instructor certification thereafter you will need to teach and report a minimum of three (3) People Puzzle events (from any of the three modules) per year. This is to ensure our certified People Puzzle Instructors remain on top of their game when teaching this event!
    • Not achieving this minimum will mean your certification and LIFe Forum membership will lapse and you cannot be recommended to potential Live Event hosts. You may continue to teach any of the three People Puzzle modules in your own capacity though. Lapsed Instructors can attend refresher training to reactivate their certification.  

People Puzzle modules Live Event key facts (for when you teach)

Duration: 4 to 6 hours. Can be divided into sessions suitable to your schedule, over one day or weeks.
Audience profile: Adults; Teens.
Audience size: A recommended audience size is 20 participants. Minimum should be 5.
Participant materials: Workbook or workmap. Confirm language availability.
Presentation aids: Can be facilitated with or without an available PowerPoint.
Venue options: Hall, classroom, open air, boardroom, other similar.
Participant certificates: Optional participant certificates are available at an additional fee and this needs to be arranged in advance with the Instructor.

Take the next step today:

Review all the information and options under ‘Live Events’ on this website.
Carefully review the Instructor FAQ
Review the Instructor Rebate Offer
Complete the full ‘DISCover Yourself and Others’ online course.
Complete the NO-OBLIGATION Instructor Application Form
Expect a follow-up call to answer any questions you may have and to clarify expectations.  

Become a People Puzzle instructor and you’ll learn valuable skills that will help you improve the relationships in your own life and also equip you to impact the lives of others.

For any questions you may have at any time please contact Walk Thru the Bible in Johannesburg on 011-782-4222 (+27-11-782-4222) or email [email protected] and we’ll call to you back.