FAQ on Instructor Training

Impacting a life by introducing someone to a transformational concepts is a very special opportunity. Time and time again, people who attend our Live Events tell us what a difference it made in their understanding of the world and even more importantly, how equipped they feel to start applying these truths in their lives. Truth + Practical Application = LifeChange!

Our instructors are a very special group of people who are passionate about God’s Word and passionate about igniting that same passion in others. They enjoy impacting lives through teaching. You’d need to be willing to attend our instructor training program and adhere to the annual minimum teaching requirements. If that sounds like you, maybe you should be the next Live Event instructor!

We offer a variety of Live Events and need instructors for all of them. Check out the Instructor Training section to find out what trainings are currently available and when the next training is taking place.

Bring the life changing Truth of the Word to the whole world. Teach anywhere. As an instructor you will be open to teach in a wide variety of contexts. Our Live Events can be presented in churches, small groups, church youth, church groups, church camps, schools, colleges, universities, businesses, organisations, hospitals, old-age homes, prisons, security forces, government departments, training institutions – in fact, anywhere where you have an open door! Initiate teaching to new groups and follow-up on groups previously taught. Wherever you arrange to teach to can go. Also, once you have more experience, you may be asked to teach larger groups for Walk Thru the Bible-arranged events.

After being trained, you will need to arrange your own events. Teach wherever you can imagine and where the Lord has given you influence and access. Most of our instructors start with their own church or organisation and go from there. We recommend networking close to home with your local pastor, Christian leaders, and friends when you first begin teaching our live events.

No exclusive rights are assigned to Instructors based on geography, denomination or any other criteria.

Don’t worry—all of this will be covered at Instructor Training. We promise not to leave you to do this all on your own!

Walk Thru the Bible certified instructors can teach to all people and to all ages.


While your initial Instructor Training will be in English (unless otherwise indicated), afterwards you are be encouraged to teach the Live Event in the languages of your choice. You can teach in your mother tongue. The participant workmaps and workbooks for the various Live Events are available in a growing number of southern African languages.

Depending on the Live Event, our instructors spend between one day and four days with us. This is a highly interactive and fun time spent with other people who are as excited about teaching for impact as you are. During instructor training, you’ll learn:

The principles of being a great teacher, including the best ways to connect with an audience and keep them engaged.

How to teach your event – you’ll learn everything there is to know about your event – the ins, outs and in-betweens!

Sales and promotion techniques – we’ll train you on how to market your event and resource you with all the tools you’ll need for success.

Each participant in your audience will receive either a workbook or a workmap. Instructors are required to use original workbooks or workmaps when teaching Live Events. These materials are available in various local languages and can be purchased from Walk Thru the Bible.

As a certified instructor your initial financial investment is in your certification training. It is an investment because:
(1) you can receive back from Walk Thru the Bible up to double your initial training fee – see Instructor Rebate Offer; and
(2) you can earn income based on the attendance at your events.

The recommended participant price for each person attending your Live Event is either R95 if WorkMaps are used, or R155 if Workbooks are used. Certified Instructors purchase the materials directly from Walk Thru the Bible at a discounted rate. The difference is your income. Generally speaking, most certified Instructors who schedule their own events make between R1,800 to R3,600 per event. Attendance is the major factor in actual income. A detailed explanation will be provided at the instructor training. Live Event hosts will also be requested to cover your travel (using the Automobile Association Rates Calculator) and accommodation, as needed.

Certified instructors may charge higher than the recommended participant price based on their contect, experience and value-add.

Attend the Instructor Training Live Event and successfully complete all the training requirements before, during and after the training event. Once you have met these requirements you will be issued with a time-limited Certified Instructor Certificate. This certificate signifies to potential Live Event hosts that you are an active and approved Instructor. To retain your Instructor certification on an ongoing basis there are minimum annual requirements.

To retain your Instructor certification you need to be teaching that specific Live Event on a regular basis – staying sharp and growing. If doing so you will be re-issued with certified Instructor certificate on an annual basis. See the ‘AFTER’ section under ‘Instructor Training Requirements’ on each Live Event Instructor Training page for the relevant ongoing expectations.  

Only certified Instructors…

Are permitted to teach certain Live Events – like otLIVE and ntLIVE.

Qualify as members of the exclusive LifeChange Instructor Forum – see LIFe Forum.

Receive ongoing support, training, motivation and rewards.

Will be recommended by Walk Thru the Bible to potential Live Event host churches – we only send the best!

Get more events, which means more impact and higher financial earning potential.

If your Instructor certification lapses your time-limited Certified Instructor Certificate will not be renewed. Depending on the Live Event, you may still be permitted to teach the Live Event, but that would be without the benefit of Walk Thru the Bible being able to assure potential hosts of your active status.

To reactivate a lapsed Instructor certification previously trained Instructors would need to attend an upcoming Instructor Training event again in order to refresh presentation skills and update to the latest developments. Previously trained Instructors can typically attend these Instructor Training events at a 50% discount. Mention this upon submitting your Instructor Training application.

The LIFe Forum. Certified Instructors automatically qualify to become part of the exclusive LifeChange Instructor Forum – in short the LIFe Forum. See LIFe Forum for more information.

Get started today! The first step is reading through this Instructor FAQ information. Check out the Instructor Training section to find out what trainings are currently available and when the next training is taking place. After deciding which Live Event you want to teach, register for our Instructor Training by completing the no-obligation Instructor Application Form. Once we receive your completed form, we’ll contact you with more details.