Improve relationships in every area of your life.

Sharpening Your People Skills

Sharpening Your People Skills is a one-day equipping event that will dramatically:

  • Improve your people skills
  • Strengthen your leadership abilities
  • Enhance team building opportunities

If you think of all your relationships – those at home, at work, at school or at church – as thousands of pieces of an unsolved puzzle that you have to put together, then you know what your greatest need is. You need the box top with a picture of what the solved puzzle looks like. Without it, the solution remains unclear.

That’s exactly what Solving the People Puzzle is all about.

It shows you how temperaments fit together. It doesn’t solve the puzzle for you, but it does show you how to solve it for yourself.

During this five-and-one-half-hour Live Event,

participants discover insights about themselves and what motivates them to do the things they do. By better understanding themselves, they’ll be able to see how they fit into their own “people puzzle” and the “people puzzle” of everyone else in their lives.

In a Sharpening Your People Skills Live Event three powerful components are combined to produce a practical and usable outcome for participants…


Using a highly effective DISC-based behavioural-preference discovery tool participants will learn about their own strengths and talents. They’ll improve relationships and recognize that they have the freedom to be exactly who they are. This realisation also will encourage the freedom to allow others to be exactly who they are.

Understanding others:

Each person will gain a much clearer understanding of those they get along well with and those with whom they have problems, because they’ll be able to recognise what is motivating them.

Improving relationships:

Because attendees will better understand themselves and others, they will have some practical skills at their disposal to build stronger, healthier and more productive relationships.

During the Live Event, participants will experience many moments when puzzling situations in their lives suddenly “click” into place. It’s just like a piece of the puzzle fits. They don’t have to force it because it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be. And more importantly, they’ll learn they can’t force a piece to fit when it doesn’t.

Self-discovery will be much easier, as men and women learn to understand others and what motivates them. Best of all, however, is this: They’ll learn how to improve each and every relationship in their lives.

Designed for leadership teams, company staff, the business world, NGO’s, government bodies, teachers and students. With no Bible references in the participant guide, Sharpening Your People Skills can be presented in any context.

We often tend to focus on the weaknesses of others, not on their strengths… especially those with different behavioural styles. At a Sharpening Your People Skills Live Event you will…

Learn about the four personal styles that impact the way people interact and work together.
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the people around you.
Value and appreciate yourself and others.
Gain a new perspective on how to maximize strengths, motivate and encourage others based on their unique personality.
Learn how to adapt your personal style and approach to meet the collective need and achieve the greater good.
Apply these principles in order to lead more cohesive teams.
Build stronger teams and families by teaching others to apply the people skills concepts in their daily lives.

As you can see, Sharpening Your People Skills is a very practical conference which will benefit just about anyone. The skills obtained can benefit the participant for a lifetime. All areas of life will improve, and those who attend will learn to solve relational problems which used to baffle them. The ultimate benefit is that each person will be able to see where their piece of the puzzle fits.

This Live Event is also available in the Solving the People Puzzle version which contains Biblical references and themes tailored for Christian groups. The Understanding the Love of Your Life version is focused on couples. The participant guides are available in English and Afrikaans.

Now you CAN understand and dramatically improve your relationships!

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