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Our Christmas message to you

As we celebrate His birth this Christmas season, let’s remember that Jesus is our connection between heaven and earth. HE is the Way for us to access heavenly realities and bring the eternal into our mundane, everyday lives. 

Jesus is fully God and fully man, He is sovereign over history and the future, and He is worthy of worship. Jesus wasn’t just a man sent from God. He was God in the flesh and continues to be ‘God with us.’

May you know a deeper, ever-increasing sense of God’s presence, and may you experience the fellowship with Him that you were designed for. The Walk Thru the Bible team wishes you and your family a blessed Christmas and a purposeful New Year. 

Our gift to you, this Christmas season, is a six-part online Bible study on Jesus in the Old Testament. We are so grateful for your partnership, as together, we continue to ignite a passion for God’s Word.