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otLIVE Instructor Training

otLIVE Instructor Training

Date: 12 – 14 October 2021
Learn the People, Places, and Events of the Old Testament in a fun and creative way. Gain an understanding of the Big Picture of God’s Story.
Appropriate for all ages.

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Solving the People Puzzle Instructor Training

Solving the People Puzzle Instructor Training

Date: 21 October 2021
Using a DISC behavioural indicator, you’ll learn how to improve relationships in every area of your life. You’ll gain a new perspective on how to maximise strengths, motivate and encourage others based on their unique personality.

Get more than DOUBLE your investment back – see the Instructor Rebate Offer.

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The Unexpected Path to Superpower

Handling the Keys of the Kingdom
by Chris Tiegreen

I can still remember my “season of discovery”—that time after someone becomes a Christian when everything is new, the whole Bible comes alive and waits to be explored, and every truth becomes deeply personal.

And I can still remember the thoughts that went through my mind when I read that I had authority over snakes, scorpions, and every power of the enemy (Luke 10:19); that as an abider in Christ, I could ask whatever I wish and it would be done for me (John 15:7); and that I have the power to move mountains with my words (Mark 11:23). I felt like a spiritual Superman.

I tried out that authority, a few well-chosen prayers, and some choice words for the mountains in my life. Nothing. Well, nothing visible and immediate. Apparently there was more to being a spiritual Superman than putting on the cape of a few isolated verses.