FAQ on Events

Our Live Events are divided into four main categories.

  • Bible Overview
  • Life Skills
  • Teacher Training
  • Tours

See About Events for more details.

We’ve worked with churches with large staffs and strong spiritual growth programs and we’ve worked with churches with small staffs just beginning to start their programs. Whether your members are committed to the study of Scripture or are new to Christianity, the old adage holds true – there’s always more to learn.

Most people, wherever they are in their walk, understand some of the pieces of God’s Word. Through our various Live Events, we will teach them the big picture of God’s story, help develop specific skills and provide a Biblical framework so they can put the pieces together. The engaging Live Events will reinforce their Bible knowledge and life skills and rekindle or ignite a deeper passion to know and live God’s Word.

There is no age limit for our events. In fact, we have something for everyone at any age and any stage of life (from children primary school age and up). Check out our Live Event descriptions for more information.