These stories of Memory and Lydia offer a glimpse into the LifeChange that Walk Thru the Bible instructors are bringing in Malawi…

Memory, a Grade five pupil at Katelera Primary School, has developed faith in Christ as she learns about biblical characters whose lives make sense in her cultural context. She has found particular significance in the story of Joseph. Though Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery in Egypt, he ultimately forgave them and provided them with food to survive in a time of severe famine.

For children like Memory, who live in an area that is plagued by food insecurity, offering food – even after betrayal – is a powerful sign of forgive­ness and blessing. “I understand that it is not good to seek revenge – even when our friends do bad to us,” she says. “I have learned, through these lessons, that forgiveness and love go together. I have learned to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Through localizing a well-known Bibli­cal story, the Walk Thru the Bible instructors are making a powerful impact on children like Memory.

Another Malawian student, Lydia (name changed) has also en­countered Christ through the lessons she has learned. The Grade six pupil, whose family comes from another faith, shares: “I had previously been taught that women cannot be used by God, but in Christianity, women are used by God to do greater things! I will keep going to these lessons to learn more of the good news of the Gospel.”

Lydia’s mother wel­comes the lessons her daughter is learning because of the change in behaviour she has witnessed. As Lydia’s relationship with Jesus develops, she has chosen to remove herself from bad company and has begun to share the gospel with her classmates.

For Memory, Lydia, and many of their friends, these lessons are having a life changing impact.

Walk thru the Bible South Africa, in partnership with Walk Thru the Bible UK and Starfish, is involved in the ongoing training of full time otLIVE instructors in Malawi. These instructors teach the Bible in 30 Malawian public schools. Praise the Lord that these children are being taught the Bible in their home language, Chichewa, every week!

otLIVE teaches the big picture story line of the Bible in an interactive way – using fun hand signs and key words.

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