~ Feedback from Mrs Lyndi Liebenberg, teacher at The Kings School Robin Hills

 The Silver Ring Thing has become an annual program which we present to our Grade 9 learners during their mentoring periods in the third term. We find that this age is most receptive to the program as they are mature enough to consider the material with sincerity and conviction.

We chose the Silver Ring Thing program because we felt moved to speak openly with our learners about the impact of their life choices.
This really goes beyond school work and learning information; it’s about managing our Christian walk with purpose and dignity.It was very important to us that learners realise that the commitment is not made out of fear (for example fear of contracting an STD), but rather that the commitment is made because we realise that that’s what God asks of His children, that He knows what’s best for us and that we can trust Him implicitly in His purpose behind this command.

The girls and boys also meet separately with mentors of the same gender, where we discuss topics such as why would one make a commitment to purity, do you believe what the Bible says about sexual purity, how to keep the commitment and dealing with past regrets.

Many of our Grade 9 learners voluntarily chose to make the public declaration of abstinence in front of their school friends, teachers and parents. And were amazingly proud to do so!
What a wonderful testimony and encouragement to the Grade 8 learners who will be doing the Silver Ring Thing program next year. It also offers an inspiring reminder to older learners who have already made the pledge in previous years.

We have topped the program off with a special High School assembly set aside for these learners who make the commitment. It makes the promise more defining and honours those who are brave enough to do so. We encourage the learners to arrange an accountability partner to be there at this ceremony. After saying the pledge, these partners come up on stage and put the rings onto the pledgee’s finger. It would be wonderful for the learners on their wedding day, to have their future spouse take the ring off and replace it with their wedding ring!

We believe that the Silver Ring Thing offers young people the chance to do, know and commit to something of eternal value and we’ve been amazed to see how young people have responded to the call to purity. It seems to be that we underestimate the heart of our young people and their great desire to be righteous before their Maker.

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