We were never meant to live out God’s purposes alone…


Pastor Garth Lombard from Sandton Bible Church shares his experience of the 40 Days of Community Church campaign:

“Even before Covid, we identified the need to get closer as a community, and the pandemic certainly exacerbated the situation. And as we came out of Covid, we just knew that this was the right time for 40 Days of Community. We wanted to get the community spirit back again!


The 40 Days of Community Campaign really brought our church together, and as a result, many more small groups were birthed. We even started small groups for people who weren’t part of our church and were able to expose them to the Gospel. This has become part of our DNA, and now when we have visitors, we immediately invite them to join a small group.


We followed everything that the campaign suggested, and it all paid off! We also ran a clothing and blanket drive during this time which was massive – even people from outside our church community were involved.


We thank God for the wave that He brought to our church through the 40 Days of Community Campaign. He really does honour us when we are community minded! I certainly recommend this campaign to other churches.”

Please click here for more information on the 40 Days of Community Church Campaign.