“I have noticed a Bible illiteracy amongst people – even amongst some churchgoers and realized that otLIVE is a great way to generate a love for God’s Word.

otLIVE helps by giving a big picture of the storyline of the Bible. I love the simplicity of it – and the fun interactive ways of remembering the major people, places and events of the Old Testament.

otLIVE is also a great way to bring families together as they learn the big picture of the Bible. Sunday School teachers need to do this too! There is also so much potential for taking otLIVE into schools and using this as an outreach tool. I am so excited about the possibility of this training going online in the future!”

We really need to get people back to basics, and into the Word of God – and that’s why I chose to become an otLIVE instructor!

~ Reverend Chis, Gauteng