Rev David Mathebula on Pastor’s Circle, Walk the Bible’s new initiative:

“Pastor’s Circle encourages great Bible teaching by providing easy to use sermons and tools for pastors. It gives the pastor much needed practical help with how to structure and prepare sermons. This is so helpful – knowing how to breakdown the sermon and bringing up important points. It shows how to communicate the message to the audience.

To me the network of support that Pastor’s Circle provides is also of great importance.

There are many young pastors who are coming up – feeling called to ministry. Many have no opportunity for Bible School because of limited financial resources. There is a lack of training. These young pastors so easily ‘fall into the wrong hands’. But Pastor’s circle provides the much needed platform for mentoring and support from other pastors. It provides access to resources – and the opportunity to learn good preaching skills in a step by step fashion.

You know ministry can be lonely. Often no one is filling you, but you are giving out all the time.

Pastor’s Circle is like a refresher – the boost to say ‘I can go on again!’

It is so helpful to meet with other pastors, young and old and not only receive excellent sermon tools, but also have the opportunity to share, fellowship with and encourage one another.


Many times as a pastor you may be preaching the truth – but sometimes those who preach the truth are alone. But the pastors in this network are the ones who can encourage you: “You are on the right track. We are standing with you.”

There are also many pastors in Africa who are independent. Pastor’s Circle is a place where they can connect – and in due season, if they need it, they can ask for help.

We need to grow and expand Pastor’s Circle. There are many who need this.”

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