Rev Vincent Kandan, reflecting on the impact of Crucible, a Walk Thru the Bible Live Event

“I arrived at the Walk Thru the Bible office for the Crucible Event with an acute sense of the physical, economic, and spiritual burdens that the 180 members of my congregation were facing. We were in this valley. We were working hard, but we were struggling.

Not long before the Crucible Event, our church had hosted a Holiday Bible Club for local children. When 2000 children attended, our entire congregation rejoiced at how God had used us to make an impact in the community. But immediately afterwards,   problems among our people seemed to intensify. Marriages deteriorated, family conflicts surfaced, and health issues abounded. Even my wife and I struggled with our health.

You know, I have heard the story of David many times, but somehow Crucible refreshed my faith and gave me the strength to resolve to lead my congregation through the time of crisis. I learnt so much from this Live Event. As I studied the lives of David, Saul, and Goliath – as presented in Crucible, I could see such parallels with what my own church was facing.



“There are so many things against us. But God will be with us.”









Defeating the Giant

Crucible teaches about Saul’s fear versus David’s faith. I decided to share that with my congregation. Some of them will tell you they don’t have much faith. But every time a giant in our lives and congregation rears its ugly head, we as pastors need to advise our people to become dependent on God – and not give in to fear. Saul was dependent on his own strength, but David came in the name of the Lord Almighty. I believe this is how we can overcome. We can defeat our giants – by looking to God.

I decided immediately to teach Crucible to my church. For me, I wanted them to know: the Lord says, ‘The battle is not yours. It’s mine.’ We need to give our giants to God. There are so many things that are against us. Will they ever go away? I don’t think so. But God will be with us.”

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