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Don’t miss out on one of the most attended events of all time!

Join the over 10 million people worldwide who have already attended otLIVE. This fun interactive Live Event will help you learn the big picture of the Old Testament – and will ignite your passion for God’s Word.

“I am a changed girl”.

We are so excited about the lives that are being impacted as otLIVE is taught in schools in Malawi. Read here about the Lifechange that a school principal and learners have experienced. View the video of otLIVE in a Malawian classroom. 

otLIVE in SA schools: Kids love this!

An instructor teaching otLIVE in schools in South Africa relates: “Kids love otLIVE. The participation from the learners is amazing! It really helps develop an interest and curiosity about the Bible as the children learn in an easy and exciting way.” View the video HERE 

otLIVE arrives in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“We have been waiting for this! We have been hearing about otLIVE in schools in South Africa and Malawi, and we need this in our schools too!” – new instructors on being trained to teach otLIVE in Zambian and Zimbabwean schools.

CLICK HERE to read about the training in Zambia and HERE for Zimbabwe. 

Stick with the main thing.

There’s only one thing worse than never starting a project – and it’s when we start well but fade away as time goes on. It’s what we see in the life of Solomon. Maybe it’s time to consider if there is anything that is sidetracking you. Is it time to prune away some distractions so that you can focus on the main thing?

Bible teaching and meeting needs in Mozambique.

This Walk Thru the Bible-supported children’s project is facilitated by the Agape Family Church Beira – and aims to meet the spiritual and physical needs of children and their families in Gwara Gwara, Mozambique. Here lives have been severely impacted by recent floods – leaving many displaced. To see how this project is making a difference…

Who we are.

God’s Word is hope to our communities. For more than 30 years, Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa has been committed to helping people everywhere live God’s Word. We have partnered with people, like you, who are passionate about making the Bible known, people who know what it’s like to live a life forever transformed by the Word, and people who want to change the world and make an eternal impact. That’s why we exist. We help ignite a passion for God’s Word in people’s hearts through innovative live events and transformational resources. And every day we offer God’s truth to a broken world with this certainty: The Bible changes everything. Now, step into the story…


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