otPANORAMIC on TBN this Dec / The context we needed / Walk with Jesus / A discipline of thanks / Meet Kyla

otPANORAMIC on TBN this December.

Filmed on some of the most famous mountains in the Old Testament, learn what happened there, how God met with a person in a big way, and why these events are so important to both God’s Story and ours! For broadcast dates and details of this 7-parter…

“otLIVE gave us the context and big picture of the Old Testament. We needed this before we started our theological training!”

To see more from this group of young Dutch Reformed Church ministers who are excited after recently being trained to teach otLIVE.

Walk with Jesus every day.

The Closer Walk New Testament’s 365 devotions guide you through the New Testament in one year at an easy manageable pace. A great gift for a loved one. 

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving”

At times, God seems far away. Psalm 100:4 gives us God’s own prescription for entering His presence – thanksgiving coupled with praise! We can do that even in difficult circumstances, based on who God is.

Meet Kyla Brits, our media coordinator.

Her life motto is “The only time you look back is to find things to be thankful for so that you can build your faith. Otherwise, only look forward!”


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