Doors open in Zimbabwe / Our Sunday School is growing / Crucible / Where is your heart? / Transforming young lives

otLIVE in Zimbabwean schools:

“Doors are open to teach otLIVE in many schools in my area.” To see our newly trained Zimbabwean otLIVE instructors in action – as they help children learn the big picture of the Bible…

“Our Sunday School is growing…

…The children are enjoying it so much that they are inviting their friends.” Zimbabwean Sunday School teachers share their experience of using KidZ at Heart as they minister to children.

Crucible: The Choices that Change Your Life Forever.

The decision process can be as intense as a crucible, a vessel in a refining fire. When the heat is on, what will you choose? What character will be revealed? God uses the choices we make to transform us. Learn how King David handled his critical choices in Crucible, a book by Phil Tuttle.

The God of the universe wants a heart connection with you!

A time-together, talking-stuff-over, walking-through-life together relationship! Have we sometimes forgotten that God is a Person to relate to? And not a standard to maintain by being good. God isn’t after your obedience. He’s after your heart.

Transforming young lives.

“My mission is to empower young people with the Word of God.” otLIVE is helping this inspiring man to do just that. “otLIVE gives me a way to pass on my passion for the Word of God to others…”


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Who we are.

God’s Word is hope to our communities. For more than 30 years, Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa has been committed to helping people everywhere live God’s Word. We have partnered with people, like you, who are passionate about making the Bible known, people who know what it’s like to live a life forever transformed by the Word, and people who want to change the world and make an eternal impact. That’s why we exist. We help ignite a passion for God’s Word in people’s hearts through innovative live events and transformational resources. And every day we offer God’s truth to a broken world with this certainty: The Bible changes everything. Now, step into the story…


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