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New free resource: Names of God.

Learn how God has revealed His heart through the names He gives Himself throughout Scripture. Join the thousands already benefiting from free resources and diving deeper into God’s Word.

Enjoy this glimpse

of otLIVE in a Malawi school. “We arrived to the sound of cheering children.” Praise God for the enthusiasm of the children, the dedication of the instructors, and for every child encountering Him as they learn the big picture of the Bible.

World Religions from a Christian perspective.

Deepen your faith as you work through this 5-week, easy-to-understand, group or individual study on the world’s five major religions.

God of angel armies.

 Do you ever feel outnumbered? Don’t forget who is on your side. God heads up armies of angels who fight for us. When you need help, call on the God of the Angel Armies, Jehovah Sabaoth. Then stand firm and with confidence. He is with you.

This is great for parents, too.

“As a Sunday School teacher, I was battling to connect with the kids, and I couldn’t ignore the fact that they were bored and not engaged, but this training transformed my children’s ministry, and it’s great for parents too.” 


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