A recent KidZ at Heart training event was held at the Linden Presbyterian Church in Johannesburg.

The focus of KidZ at Heart training is to equip children’s workers – so that they in turn are able to help children to grow in their relationship with the Lord, without the need to be dependent on specific curriculum.

According to Lynnette Stander, the training facilitator: “This particular KidZ at Heart module, entitled ‘Nurturing Great Children’, is a real eye opener. It provides an opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ command to love God with all our heart, strength, mind and soul – and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Is this perhaps what makes an adult and a child great in the eyes of God? And what does this mean practically? We aim is to equip teachers so that they know how to help children really come to grips with Scripture – and not just learn it parrot fashion. We also need to not expect things from children that we ourselves do not practice.”

What a joy to see the impact on the children’s workers who were in attendance…

I loved the practical nature of this training – where the actual principles being taught are used in the learning process. I will be more aware of reaching into the children’s lives – and not just teaching them.
~ Jenny

I have learnt that children are not be taught at, but facilitated in their getting to know the Lord! I need to reach their hearts, or rather make a space for the Lord to reach their hearts!
~ Jill

From now, I will teach children to hear God’s voice for themselves. This training was thought provoking. I am so encouraged and motivated to go and nurture great children!
~ Olivia

This course was a real eye opener and taught me how to stop and listen to what the text is really saying. Now I will use the Bible more and get the children to understand the reading.
~ Loveness.

Going forward, I will incorporate teaching children to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.  This training also introduced a new way to approach reading Scripture and teaching children.
~ Sarah

This was a helpful interactive training which gave me a deeper vision to incorporate into my Sunday school lesson. From now on, as I teach, I will allow the Spirit to lead my focus on Scripture.
~ Ann

This was really helpful in showing me how to delve into Scripture and let God speak.
~ Sheena

This training showed me how to give children a space to connect with God.

This training really helped me to see things from a child’s perspective!
~ Anita

From now on, I will focus on the heart of the child and not just the mind!

This was a spiritual experience that affected me deeply. This training helped me to focus on a specific Scripture and its spiritual meaning and practical relevance. I need to change myself and the way I respond to children – guided by God.

I was reminded to not expect anything from a child that I cannot do! It was so helpful to understand how to spend time in Scripture in a valuable way.
~ Anonymous

This helped me to think about the whole child.
~ Angie

I am challenged to spend more time in the Word and meditate on it.
~ Rona

Please be in prayer for these Sunday school teachers and the children within their Sunday school groups and influence. May they be used in a significant way as they help children really come to grips with Scripture and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

For more information about this and other KidZ at Heart training modules, please see ‘Live Events’ on www.bible.org.za