Walk Thru the Bible, in partnership with Kidz at Heart (KAH),

trains people throughout Southern Africa

to reach and teach children for Christ

– in their own culture and community. 


A Kidz at Heart training was held recently in Maseru, Lesotho. The training group of thirty participants included Sunday School teachers, school teachers, children’s workers from NGO’s and some pastors.

The training focused on sharing the need for nurturers themselves to love God with their whole heart, to follow Him and grow more like Christ every day in order to impact every aspect of a child’s life for God. This is the foundation for nurturing great children. Participants were encouraged to spend time daily listening to God in Scripture.




A heart and a passion for children were clearly
evident in the interactive buzz and 
the enthusiasm with which everyone
bought into the principles being taught.
Testimonies from participants are so encouraging and attest to the life change in those who attended the training:
“I was reminded how we are created in the image of God and that it is my purpose to train up a child Biblically.” -Marethabile (Children’s Pastor)
“I think I had lost the love towards children but God really touched my spirit .”-Cornie (Missionary)
“This is first-class training for it is about building up the leaders of tomorrow and empowering them with the love of God. This should be taught to all ministries.” –
“I sensed God’s love through the trainers and through interacting with the participants. Their training was ‘worth millions.’ I was reminded that I need to model the behaviour I expect from my students and that they need to know I love them unconditionally.” -Komosoang (Educator)
“This is the most transforming approach that needs to be taught to adults as well. I also need to include the parents.” -Hope (Sunday School teacher)
“I realized I have mainly been addressing the minds of the children, but in order for them to love God, I need to address the other spheres -their spirits, their souls and their strength. I also realized how important their home background is.” -Tsoane (Sunday School teacher)
“I want to help children love the Word of God more than I did as a child.” – Masa (Praise and Worship team leader)
“I was reminded that some children come to church hungry, broken-hearted. I need to create a welcoming environment and treat them with love, and I learnt to rely on the Holy Spirit to do this. Through the church, I want to do my best to meet their needs.”  -Welekazi (Sunday School teacher)
“I got great help in realizing that I have been approaching the kids’ ministry without listening to the Holy Spirit.” -Theko (Sunday School teacher)
“I learned to hear God through Scripture and that it is important to train learners to impact the next generation through Scripture.” -James (Missionary)
“As I participated in this training, I was able to hear God’s voice.” – Mathebo
“It was awesome. I learned to rely on the Spirit of God for nurturing the children.” -Welekazi (Sunday School teacher)
“This should be taught in all ministries and they in turn should teach and train the congregation. This is quite incredible.” – Mankopane
“I sensed the learners’ hearts are ready for the Word.” -Agnes (Teacher) “We need this training often.” – Mpho (Teacher)
“I will involve God in every movement and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit, all the time being aware of everyone’s uniqueness.” -Maphuthi (Sunday School teacher)
” These instructors know their content and achieved what they came to do!”
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