My name is Theko from Maseru, Lesotho. I am part of a ministry to about 120 children in 3 different districts. 


I hadn’t been involved much in Sunday School teaching until I was approached to help. But It was a daunting challenge for me. I was doing it, but it was difficult, and connecting with the kids was a problem.

Really, I was doing it the best way I knew how which was preaching or trying cell group tactics – like reading the text and trying to discuss it.

But I couldn’t divorce from the fact that the kids looked bored and I was struggling to keep them engaged and get them to understand the material. 

But then I attended the KidZ at Heart training and what an eye-opener it was! This has transformed my children’s ministry. I think even parents should do it!

I learned how to grab the children’s attention from the moment they enter the door. It really helped to learn that different children learn in different ways. I now use different interesting activities to help them understand the topic.

I also learned how to help the children connect with God for themselves and talk to HIm about what they have learned – and this has been so special.

Make time to do this training! I so highly recommend it.


For more information about KidZ at Heart, please click here.