The Live Event, Sharpening Your People Skills (SYPS) is not only about self-discovery, but also about understanding others and building healthy relationships. Many have testified to the value of this people skills training in building respect and tolerance for one another.

I will be able to respect others more as I understand their unique strengths – I am reminded that we are all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’
~ Margaret B

Sharpening Your People Skills will help me to be more tolerant and adjust how I interact with people as I understand them better.
~ Patricia

Now that I understand myself, I also understand others – and I will be able to build far healthier relationships spiritually and emotionally.
~ Sizwe

This live event opened my eyes to understand and see people in a different light.
~ Penny

Now that I understand myself, I can accept myself and feel that I am free.
~ Nonhlanhla

Now I know how to treat others who are not like me.
~ Azonwabe

Now that I understand others, I feel that I can complement others who are not like me.
~ David

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