Hear from Ishmael Mutumwa, who is using ntLIVE to teach the Bible to kids in Limpopo

ntLIVE is a Live Event that helps children (and adults) understand the New Testament’s major people, places and storyline in a fun and memorable way.

“I love teaching ntLIVE to children. I am using it to help children see the big picture of the Bible at their own level. Our children need a foundation in the Bible – and they need to know the Lord as Saviour. ntLIVE is helping with this!

This is such an effective and powerful tool. I using drama alot to help the children ‘live the story’ for themselves – to feel what it was like to be there. We had such a powerful time recently as we re-enacted Jesus washing the disciples’ feet and also scenes from the Garden of Gethsemane. It is touching to see the children experience the stories personally. I then challenge them to go and read the stories in the Bible for themselves. This is helping the kids to get into the Bible and read it themselves.

ntLIVE is also flexible. I have taught it to a big group of over 500 children – where we cover the major storyline of the New Testament in a morning or afternoon. At other times, I break it up and cover different New Testament stories on a weekly basis for groups of children I see regularly.

Personally, my fire for teaching was also rekindled at the recent Equip and Encourage training event for children’s ministry workers that was hosted by Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa. My teaching is different now because of this! My mind has been opened to different ways of teaching, and I am refreshed. There is a lot of work to do. Children all around us are growing up without the Word of God…

The triumphal entry into Jerusalem

The mother of the boy who gave Jesus his loaves and fish

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