What a privilege it was to present the otLIVE Live Event to the volunteers and workers of Straatwerk, a ministry based in Cape Town. Straatwerk has a specific burden to share the love of Christ with those who are cast out by society and to those who are broken. Part of their ministry is discipling ladies who have come to Christ out of prostitution.

According to a member of the Straatwerk ministry team:

“I had seen otLIVE elsewhere and realized of how much benefit it would be as we minister to the ladies who have come to Christ. Many of the ladies we disciple have come out of prostitution and have a background of abuse. The story of the Old Testament reminds us all that there is hope after sin. God still loves people, and still uses people, despite their sin. God still used King David after he had sinned, repented and turned back to God. And what an encouragement to remember the story of Rahab. The Old Testament story remind us each that we are of value in God’s eyes and that God notices us. We all need this message and we need to pass it on to the ladies we minister to and disciple.”

Please pray for the Straatwerk ministry team – a dedicated and diverse group of women, who continue to reach out.

May what they have learned through otLIVE, about the God of the Old Testament, strengthen them as they bring His message of hope to others.