We have been so encouraged by the testimonies we have received after KidZ at Heart training events:


“I had come to the point where I felt really despondent as a teacher and unsure about whether I should go on. But after doing the KAH training, I have learnt how to minister to the spiritual needs of the children. I now have new vision for my teaching.”                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Anonymous




“One of the most powerful lessons I learnt from KidZ at Heart (KAH) was to be able to teach children how to hear from God for themselves. You can actually see it on the faces of the children – their expressions change as they realize that God speaks to them too.
The KAH training was so valuable – so much so, that we will be running it at our church again next year. It really impacted our teachers spiritually and also provided valuable skills and practical ‘how to’s’ in terms of reaching and impacting the children.”
~  Juanita, Sunday School leader, Fokus Deo, Limpopo


“The KAH training really changed me! As a crèche owner, I work with children all day. It was so vital to be reminded again about the importance of sitting at the feet of God and discerning His voice. It’s not about the right or wrong way of doing things, but really about being obedient to what God is telling us to do – because if we are not, we could miss the opportunities that He gives for really reaching a child. We have to be dependent on the Holy Spirit and not fall into the trap of rushing to the next thing. The session on how to lead a child to Christ was also so helpful.
The sessions didn’t just impact me spiritually, but also provided great practical skills and understanding regarding different learning styles. I look forward to the next KAH training.”
~ Cindy


“What is amazing to me is how much I grew spiritually during the KAH training. Your heart really needs to be in it – and when it is the children can see the difference – and it works!
I now teach with greater enthusiasm. I always did my best before, but now my lessons are so much better. I also use what I learnt with my own children. KAH is not just for teachers…. every parent should do this.”
~ Rentia, parent and Sunday School teacher

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