Picture in your mind a room with tired paint, dimly lit by a single bulb. Through the broken and missing window panes one can see the green of the bush and the dirt track winding down to the building – a small Bible school in Moeketsi in rural Limpopo.

Also picture the joy on the beaming face of the young disabled man, who despite his handicap, enthusiastically participates in practicing the hand signs.

The rain patters gently on the tin roof and chickens scratch in the ground outside.

The wet weather had certainly done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the group of 30 people who had gathered inside for the Walk Thru the Old Testament Seminar, which was presented over three evenings in February 2017. During the mornings, Lynnette stander, the Walk Thru the Bible training instructor, had trained five local people as Walk Thru the Old Testament instructors. These trainees were also part of the group who attended the evening seminar – and who were able to participate in some of the teaching.

Lynnette reports: “I am so excited about the five new Walk Thru the Old Testament instructors who will continue ministering and teaching in Limpopo.  What a joy to see them blossom in confidence and grow in teaching and leadership skills. I am also encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people and their willingness to learn and participate. A great example was a blind man who was part of the audience and whose fellow students helped him to do the hand signs. This training and seminar was also in partnership with a local missionary – who has, over a period of time, been mentoring these new instructors. What a great example of the body of Christ growing and working together.”

One of the seminar attendees shared his experience: “So often we don’t read the Old Testament and just see it as a history book. This seminar was eye opening – to see how God still speak to us through the Old Testament.”

Please join with us in prayer that this seminar and the new Walk Thru the Old Testament instructors will bear much fruit in the communities that they reach – that many will grow in their understanding of the big picture of God’s story and how it still speaks to us today.

For more information about Walk Thru the Old Testament seminars, please see ‘Live Events’ on www.bible.org.za