“Doors are wide open to teach otLIVE in many schools in our area”

At a recent Instructor Forum meeting, the Zimbabwean otLIVE instructors were eager to share their experiences of teaching otLIVE in schools in their area…

“otLIVE touches not only kids, but adults too!”

“This tool equips us for the work of the Lord!”

“otLIVE enables me to reach children with the message of the Bible.”

“Doors are wide open for us to teach otLIVE at many schools in our area.”

“People are excited that they understand the Bible chronologically, even pastors.”

“School teachers are also learning the Bible through otLIVE.”

One instructor has resolved to teach his family otLIVE, saying: “It must start with me and my family first”.

“There is so much potential for otLIVE here in Zimbabwe… at schools, churches, Awana groups, SU and the possibility for using the handsigns in the deaf community.”


The instructors were also excited about their new sense of community and identity as they received their STEP INTO THE STORY T-shirts from Walk Thru the Bible – and as they together committed to helping many to ‘step into the story of God’s Word’.

This was also a time to celebrate the graduation of the instructors who had already taught otLIVE more than 3 times, as well as share ‘best practices’ and upgrade teaching skills.


Please pray with us that as these men and women teach otLIVE in schools, that many Zimbabwean children will come to know, and love, the God of the Bible. 


otLIVE teaches the big picture of the Old Testament in an exciting,

engaging way that helps children and adults develop a love for God and His Word.


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