Through Project 434 it is now possible for anyone to facilitate the Silver Ring Thing Program in their church, school, community, youth or small group.

This youth focused abstinence resource has had a great impact.

Jeffrey van der Spuy from Meyerton Methodist Church shares his experience:

“This course was awesome and life–giving! We ran a Project 434 event in our community. We had expected only about 20 young people to show up, but 86 teenagers attended – including both church going and non-church going youth. Of these, 79 took a pledge of abstinence!

The young people of today are so stuck in a climate of acceptance. Project 434 helps them realize that they can say “NO” and that God’s blessing is on that!

Project 434 also provides a big stepping stone to a new beginning and hope for those who have already gone down the road sexually. It provides a great opportunity for recommitment and reclamation. This is about finding (or refinding) a place of spiritual purity and is actually a deeply spiritual thing. Project 434 helps us come back to a Biblical foundation of sexuality.”

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