otLIVE is back! And being taught in 52 Malawi schools. **

We are so thankful for this opportunity to again bring the good news of God and His kingdom to these children by using otLIVE. (otLive teaches the big picture of the Bible in a fun and interactive way.)

The otLIVE instructors in Malawi have reported:

“Schools are now approaching us and asking us to come to bring these otLIVE lessons to them as well.
They say ‘what you teach is better than our religious education lessons.’ ”

“Even children of other faiths are enjoying the lessons based on otLIVE.”


The headteacher at Kaphatenga School in Malawi shared about how otLIVE has benefited his school:

“The learners have changed their behaviour and attitude.

The otLIVE lessons have also assisted learners in the prevention of COVID-19 because learners were using measures of COVID–19 like wearing of face masks, during the presentation of the lessons.”





‘C’, a learner from Malawi, shares her testimony about otLIVE:

“These otLIVE lessons at school that we do on the Bible have helped me to respect my aunt.

At first, I was a troublesome girl, but now I am a changed girl and my aunt is my witness.

Now I am also able to attend Church Services.
At school, I was not able to respect my teachers, but now I am different.”





From another learner attending the otLIVE lessons:

“These otLIVE lessons have helped me to know Bible Stories. There was misunderstanding with my friends about the Bible, but now I understand it because of otLIVE and I started following the stories.

I like the story of when Jesus was a little boy, he went missing for three days and later his parents found him in the temple with the religious leaders. Jesus was asking them questions and listening to them.” 


Please also pray for the country of Malawi as it continues to battle the Covid 19 pandemic.

(** Subject to government regulations regarding the virus)