Feedback from pastors who have been equipped with sermons based on Walk Thru the Bible courses


The sermons are based on transformational Walk Thru the Bible courses and are available in different African languages – either online, on USB, WhatsApp or hard copy. 

Pastor Jimmy Moyambo
When I preach these sermons from Walk Thru the Bible, people’s lives are changing, even my own life! And that is what is so encouraging. For me personally, I never get used to these sermons. Every time I preach them, I am growing.

When I get invited to preach somewhere and I use these sermons, they invite me back, saying: “We have other people who need to hear this.” People also remember what they learn and come back and talk to me about it afterward. 

One of the places I have taught these sermons was in Tswane. As I was leaving after the last sermon, the pastor there said to me: “You know I have been ministering a long time, but these sermons are unique and different. With each sermon, you learn something.” 

Even other pastors are interested in this material. They say to me, “I enjoy the content that you are teaching. How do you do it?” And then I have to share my secret with them…

Reverend Oupakie Mdhlane, Katlehong
The local high school in KwaThema just invited me to come and speak to their seniors to motivate and encourage them – but they said: “We want you to preach the same message that you did last time when you came. What you taught last year was so different and it really impacted the learners.”

And what I preached last time was a sermon based on the Walk Thru the Bible course Detour and the life of Joseph. After a year, they still remember what I taught, and they asked me to come back and do it again!

Pastor Annah Ntsele
These sermons have also been helpful for me personally. I have learnt how God’s purposes are at work even through the difficulties in this life. It helps me to not be discouraged with the things that I am going through. Even with the groups where I have taught this at church, they keep asking about these sermons. I also have been able to adapt the sermons and use them for a children’s group that I teach every Saturday. I remind the children that God will work through them. 

Pastor Joseph
I have many pressures and limited time to prepare my sermons. I am convinced that these Walk Thru the Bible sermons are of God. This is something that boosts me. I can take it and run with it. I can apply it, preach it and bring my own story to it. This is pouring into us pastors – so that we can go and influence our communities.


Pastor Oupa
The content and teaching in these sermons is 100%. The messages in these sermons will help to heal me first, and then I can bring the message to my people. You know, sometimes, we can be ignorant or scared to face hard.


Bishop Lukas Mahlangu, KwaThema
Wherever I go anywhere to preach, I only use these sermons. They work, and they work very well! 


Bishop Bafana Shabangu, Tsakane
We are facing many challenges during this time. People are living in poverty in overcrowded shacks. I am working to try and help the people. But at least with these sermons, it takes some of the pressure off me as a pastor.

I also use this material to minister to the youth at the sports grounds. Young people need release and to refresh themselves with sport. Afterward, I am able to minister to them with some of the sermons from Walk Thru the Bible.