Pastor’s Circle encourages Bible teaching by providing easy to use sermons and tools for pastors.

This new initiative from Walk Thru the Bible was launched on a beautiful September morning in 2019 in Tsakane, Gauteng. 140 pastors were in attendance for this exciting event and an energy and enthusiasm marked the morning with a responsive and attentive crowd who celebrated the launch.


The pastors were introduced to the multi-language sermon tools and messages, these being provided on USB flash drives at the end of the launch – and in future at bi-annual Pastor’s Circle gatherings. These value of these Pastor’s Circle gatherings also lies not only in the provision of sermon tools, but also in the opportunity for pastors to be equipped, encouraged and to network.

According to Lee Helling, General Manager for Walk Thru the Bible Southern Africa:
“Walk Thru the Bible really exists to serve the pastor and the local church. With Pastor’s Circle we want to offer the one thing all pastors need – sermons. We recognize pastors as the shepherds of their people, but also as people who operate facing immense challenges – often including time constraints, and sometimes lack of resources and training.

It is our hope that these sermon tools will be of great assistance to the pastor as they prepare their preaching – and that they will make these sermons their own and include their own stories and applications.

We anticipate that these Pastor’s Circle gatherings will also be great times of refreshment for pastors and become a network of support for them.”

Choices that change your life forever
For this launch event, the sermon tools and messages were from a series entitled ‘Choices that Change Your Life forever’. This is based on the Crucible Live Event from Walk Thru the Bible. The sermon tools represent a study on the life of King David – with much to be applied and learnt for us today as we face our own giants, temptations and struggles.

The interactive sessions on the life of David were punctuated with on-time gifts, the distribution of refreshments, and much networking and discussion about the messages and new material. The pastors were also encouraged by a time of fellowship over a meal together. Of special note were the servant hearts and hospitality of the host church, Umndeni  Fellowship Christian Centre.


(Of note is that each Pastor’s Circle event will provide tools on a different sermon series. In order to understand the reach of Pastor’s Circle completed sermon series will be reported via WhatsApp – and this is appropriately incentivized.)

The feedback from this launch was most encouraging…

Pastor Martin Allies
We pastors face a lot of challenges. People drain us and we give out a lot. But today I feel refreshed because of Pastor’s Circle. I can use these sermons to take back to my church leadership and to my people.


Pastor Maseko
I have been waiting for this. This is a blessing. I know Scripture, but today I have been equipped more as a pastor.  I have experienced lots of giants, disappointments and challenges. I had decided I was quitting.  But today, after attending pastor’s Circle, I got the courage to keep going.


Pastor Elijah
Pastor’s Circle is a powerful innovation. This will revive people and also revive pastors. I love that I can be a partaker of this.  I can also make the message personal. The message of the life of David reflects so much of our times and is so relevant.


Pastor Felix Nwandu – from Nigeria
We are not being encouraged to do this pastoring work. Pastors are tired and burnt out. But pastors Circle encourages me to do more –it helps by providing sermons and encouragement.


Pastor Matthew
Pastor’s Circle and these sermon tools not only meet the need for pastors – but these messages are what our communities, what the whole of South Africa need! Pastor’s Circle is so important for the encouragement and equipping of pastors.


Pastor Audrey Mabuza – Kingdom advancement Centre, Tsakane
This is something people can relate to. The message that these sermons bring speaks to the challenge that our country is facing – even in the church. Some of our churches are even sick. If these messages are really preached, our pulpits will transform people. What a blessing to have this sermon tool that takes the pressure off the pastor.


Pastor Aubrey Dlabathi
These ready to use sermon tools from Walk Thru the Bible will help to set a new standard in my preaching.

Please pray with is that Pastor’s Circle will go from strength to strength and be a blessing to many pastors!


For more information on Pastor’s Circle please click here