Pastor’s Circle is Walk Thru the Bible’s new initiative to encourage Bible teaching by providing easy to use sermons and tools for pastors – as well as a network of support and encouragement.

Following the launch of the pilot of Pastor’s Circle in September 2019, we received many encouraging testimonies – both about the need for Pastor’s Circle and about the relevance of the sermon messages:

Pastor Joseph Mokhoethi:
I have many pressures and limited time to prepare my sermons. I am convinced that Pastors Circle and this material is of God. This is something that boosts me. I can take it and run with it. I can apply it, preach it and bring my own story to it.

Oupa Nkgau:
The content and teaching in these sermon tools is 100%. The messages in the sermon tools will help to heal me first, and then I can bring the message to my people. You know, sometimes, we can be ignorant or scared to face hard issues – but these sermon tools will help!

Pastor Saki Moeketsi:
Pastors are very excited about Pastor’s Circle. It so helpful to have direction with sermon points and to understand how to prepare the message so that we can preach it. This is part of the struggle that pastors face. Having sermons that follow after each other is a great help.


Pastor Bheki Dingiso – Arise and Shine Ministries:
Pastor’s Circle brings great content – that the Spirit convinces me is of God!
This will help me so much in my time of prayer and study to preach.









Xolani Mtanyelwa:
Our communities need these sermons. It reminds me of 2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say… entrust to reliable people, who will also be qualified to teach others”. That is what happened here today! Pastor’s Circle is pouring into us pastors so that we can go and influence our communities.

MacDonald Ntsele:
Pastor’s Circle will help a lot. It brings a new perspective. The sermons are easy to use, easy to understand and easy to take back to my people. I will use this to train the students in my Bible School. You know I see myself in some of these messages. I saw where I failed – and left God out of my life.

Pastor M:
I have been waiting for this. This is a blessing. I know Scripture, but today I have been equipped more as a pastor.  I have experienced lots of giants, disappointments and challenges. I had decided I was quitting.  But today, after attending pastor’s Circle, I got the courage to keep going.


Pastor Eddie Komane:
I love the interactive and inclusive nature of Pastor’s Circle and the sermons. This is different – it’s so refreshing and enlightening. The sermons are well researched and I could relate to them. The sermon tools are user friendly. This will be used to effectively advance the message of the Gospel.


Pastor Simon Otwang:
As a pastor I face many pressures. I am not supported by my congregants – and so I also have another job.  There are also commitments to family. Always time is a problem – time to prepare my sermons. Pastor’s Circle will help me greatly with these ready to use sermons.

Sibusiso Mtshali:
Pastor’s Circle brought us closer as pastors. These are great sermon tools from Walk Thru the Bible and I will use them.

Pastor Solomon Mahlangu:
I am busy each day with many challenges – as a result I end up doing my sermon preparation late on a Saturday. These ready to use sermon tools will really make things easier. The content is relevant to my people.

 Jacob Mina:
The sermon tools from Walk Thru the Bible are a great concept to help with the preaching of the Word. This will help me to grow as a pastor. I am definitely coming back to Pastor’s Circle!

Pastor Brain Mabena:
It is always a challenge to find time to prepare sermons and to find good material. The sermon tools from Walk Thru the Bible Pastor’s Circle will be so helpful.

Pastor Jeremiah Boshumange:
I often just don’t have the time I need to prepare sermons. This material from Pastor’s Circle will really help in conveying the message of our Lord.

My ministry is really street preaching and evangelism – outside hospitals and to shift workers who don’t manage to get to church. I can use these sermon messages for this.

Lucky Gama:
Pastor’s Circle has helped me learn how to preach. It will help me a lot. I have little time to prepare sermons. Now I can use these sermon tools – I will pray and bring my stories to the messages too.


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