Zimbabwean Sunday School teachers share their experience of using KidZ at Heart as they minister to children


Perseverence shares her story

In the past, Sunday School was about some singing, some dancing, teaching the kids a memory verse, and then letting them go and play. But now that we are using KidZ at Heart (KAH), it has changed the way we teach! Children are enjoying Sunday school so much that they are inviting their friends and they are learning about God! And our Sunday School is growing!

For myself, KAH has taught me that when I teach children from the Bible, I am not just teaching a lesson like History. I have learned to hear from God through Scripture – and now I can also teach the children to hear from God through His Word. 

Feedback from Everjoy

KAH helped me to understand how important it is to be committed to the work that God has called me to – to teach children about Him. I need to be committed to God, committed to the children and committed to teaching them God’s Word. If I are committed, I will prepare well and care about the well being of the children.

It really also made a big impression on me that sometimes I can unintentionally do things that hinder children from coming to Christ. I never knew this before. Things like not modelling what I teach. The practical pointers that KAH gave us for discipline problems also really helped.


Hear from Marvellous

I am so enjoying the new ways of teaching that I learnt from KAH – for example welcoming the Holy Spirit at the beginning of every lesson. This really helps the children to experience God’s presence during this time, and to calm down and focus. I was also amazed to learn that God can speak directly to kids. I always thought that I had to tell them everything! But, if you create the opportunity, children can hear from God for themselves through His Word. I know know that the children can pray for each other and also for the teacher. I can help the children to be aware of things to pray for.


These Zimbabwean teachers have recently received further training in KAH modules. What a joy to hear and see how they are putting the training to use.


KidZ at Heart aims specifically to equip churches and children’s ministry workers to reach and teach children

within their own culture – without the need for costly curriculum.



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