Equipper, Welcome Ndlovu, gives feedback on how otLIVE has been received in South African schools…


“The participation from the learners was amazing! Kids love this! otLIVE definitely develops an interest and curiosity about the Bible in the children who attend. They learn in a fun and exciting way. In fact, they develop a passion for learning about the Bible.

Many of the children ask questions and identify with characters from the Old Testament. The hand signs are also really Important for remembering the big picture. I would like to pay tribute to the teachers who really help by regularly reviewing the material.”



Feedback on otLIVE from learners in schools


“It has made me understand the Word of God and what happened in the Bible. Knowing about other characters in the Bible encourages me to press on in life.”  ~ Maxwell Daramola.

“This has made me gain more zeal for reading the Bible. It helped me to realise that l must always be kind to other people and help others”  ~ Nontokozo Moyo

“l will definitely encourage others to do otLIVE as you learn the Bible so quickly, in an easy, simple and fun way. The hand signs are great.”  ~ Nicole Nyathi

“otLIVE has been of great help to me personally to learn more about the events and characters of this Holy book. It has made me love God even more.”  ~ Alungile Sibisi

“otLIVE has helped me to follow the path of God. I also learnt to obey my parents, elders and family members. I will follow the steps of Jesus Christ. Thank you to the instructors for how they taught us.”  ~ Amelia Bila


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