We praise God for the first otLIVE Instructors trained in Zimbabwe!


This was a group of 25 school teachers, pastors and children’s workers from the Harare, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo areas who were trained in August 2022.

What a joy it was to see their excitement as they learnt how to teach children the Bible! This was also an enthusiastic group that eagerly took up the challenge to master the otLIVE hand signs. 

Our grateful thanks go to Pastor Jeremiah from a local church who helped to organize the training. Having previously seen a video of otLIVE being taught in Malawian schools, he felt the need for otLIVE to be taught in Zimbabwean schools too.

There is such great potential for otLIVE to reach the children in Zimbabwean schools! Please pray with us for this to be realized!

Many of these new Zimbabwean instructors have already started teaching otLIVE in schools. May many children come to know and love God and His Word through this.

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