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Going Public with Your Faith

01 How to Prepare for your Spiritual IPO

02 Exposing the Five Myths of Evangelism

03 Building Bridges to Eternity

04 How to Share Your Story

05 How to Tell His Story

Good to Great in God’s Eyes

01 Read Great Books

02 Think Great Thoughts

03 Pursue Great People

04 Dream Great Dreams

05 Pray Great Prayers

06 Take Great Risks

07 Make Great Sacrifices

08 Enjoy Great Moments

09 Empower Great People

10 Develop Great Habits

Holy Ambition

01 1st Step: A Dislocated Heart

02 2nd Step: A Broken Spirit

03 3rd Step: A Radical Faith

04 4th Step: A Strategic Plan

05 5th Step: A Personal Commitment

06 6th Step: A Courageous Soul

The first step in Solving the People Puzzle is to discover the unique strengths and weaknesses you bring to every relationship.

Understanding Yourself

We tend to focus on the weaknesses of others, not on their strengths… especially those with different behavioural styles.

Sharpening Your People Skills

The second step in Understanding the Love of Your Life is to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of your mate’s personal style as well as your own.

Understanding the Love of Your Life