– our marketing and media coordinator


We would like to introduce Kyla Brits, our Walk Thru the Bible marketing and media coordinator. We are grateful, not only for her hard work on our websites and media but also for her great attitude to life, as demonstrated in her life motto: 








The only time you look back is to find things to be thankful for
– so that you can build your faith.
Otherwise, only look forward!

We asked Kyla a few questions to help you get to know her…

Tell us about your role at Walk Thru the Bible and how this fits in with your unique gifts and talents

I love the science of marketing and the art of website design – and so I am grateful that I can serve the Lord in my role as marketing and media coordinator at Walk Thru the Bible.  It is a privilege to use my passion for the Lord’s work and that is a ministry unto the Lord.

Why do you have a passion for the mission of WTB – ie igniting a passion for God’s Word? 

We all need more of God’s Word in our lives. Walk Thru the Bible’s specific focus on helping people to engage with, and love, God’s Word is helping me and others get closer to God, through His Word. I love that with my job, I get to help spread the Word and stories of God’s goodness. I get to help make the message known over the media!

How did you come to know Christ as Saviour?

I remember as a little girl, my mom led me through the prayer of salvation. Then when I was older, I used to watch Decade of the Daring – a teen christian programme on television on Sunday afternoons. There they advertised a camp, which I ended up attending and where I re-committed my life to Christ. Everything changed from then.

Can you provide a fun fact about yourself and your family?

My husband and two daughters are all go-getters, so we like hiking and being active. On holiday, we rarely rest, but explore and do everything that is available in the surrounding area!