My name is Lizeri. I am 28 years old and I have been wearing my Silver Ring since watching the show in Bloemfontein in 2005.

Since then, God just increased the flame in my heart to wait on Him for His best and not to compromise.

The Silver Ring Thing has meant more to me than just abstinence. I am living a life of purity. I have put my trust in God to prepare me in this time of waiting (like Esther was prepared for a time) and He is shaping me more and more into His image, for His glory.

I have realized that life is not about the worldly order of things: school…then varsity…then work…then marriage…then children… That is just what we have been programmed to follow. It is actually just about one thing…The Kingdom of God and His glory! It is ALL about HIM and for His GLORY! And in this God has given me a passion for young girls and the broken hearted.

God has also revealed something awesome to my heart! The Lord has shown me that the ring is just an indication of where my heart lies. I have given Him 100% of my heart – and that is the safest place I can keep it – in His faithful hands.

The ring as a testimony
And the ring has also been such an awesome tool to start sharing my testimony, as people ask me about it. As I wear the Silver Ring on my ring finger, so many people have tried to convince me not to…”How will Mr Right know that you are not married when he sees a ring on your finger?” But God is more powerful than that!

I just wanted to encourage you to know that there are many who are still walking in the harvest that the Lord sowed through The Silver Ring Thing in South Africa. God is so faithful and His grace is abundant! I can really only give Him all the glory and honour!

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