The People Puzzle Instructor training is a one day Bible based training that is not to be missed.

You will learn how to motivate and encourage others based on their unique personality and how to teach these same skills to other people.

At a recent People Puzzle Instructor training event held at the Victory Park LifeChange Centre participants commented:

This training provided me with useful guidance on how to become more versatile in my functioning.

~ Retha (social worker)

The People Puzzle Instuctor training really improved my understanding of people. I feel more motivated to pursue my goals.

~ Yolandi


This training will certify you to teach three LifeChanging people skills courses / live events in both the Christian community and the market place.

These include:

Solving the People Puzzle
Using a DISC behavioural indicator, you’ll gain a new perspective on how to maximize strengths and relate to others based on individual personality. Solving the People Puzzle is designed for leadership teams, church staff, mission teams and teachers – and uses Biblical references and themes.

Sharpening Your People Skills
Sharpening Your People Skills also uses the DISC behavioural indicator to gain insight and understanding – but contains no Bible references. It may be more suitable for some company staff, NGO’s, government bodies, teachers and students.

Understanding the Love of your Life
This live event focuses on how to understand and relate to your spouse based on their unique personality.

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