A KidZ at Heart Training was held recently for children’s ministry workers in the Epping and Elsies River areas of Cape Town. These training sessions have the specific aim of equipping people to reach and teach children within their own culture and community.

May the change and growth in the hearts and skills of each of these teachers bear much fruit in the lives of the children they teach.

Enjoy this glimpse into some of the impact of this training…

I am superbly overwhelmed! I highly recommend this training. The interaction with the trainers was so helpful.

~ Christina

It is so valuable to understand the different ways in which children learn. Now I can incorporate this in my lessons.


The most valuable part of this training was helping children to hear the voice of God through Scripture.

~ Rene

The KidZ at Heart training really encouraged me to love God whole heartedly myself – just like I want the children to love Him!

~ Claudine

From now on, I will be better at getting down to the children’s level and recognizing the problems they are facing.

~ Tracey Ann

It was so helpful to understand the multiple intelligences and how to apply them in my lessons. KidZ at Heart has shown me how to make the lessons fun for the children. It has really changed my mind set regarding children’s ministry.

~ D. M. Murray

KidZ at Heart is doing a marvellous job in the community! I am gaining so much confidence from these training sessions. I am also going to really help the children focus on applying the lessons.

~ Alicia

I got to understand more of who God is. Teaching His Word is different to teaching anything else. As I listen to Him, He will guide me in conveying the message to the kids.

~ Cindy

I really learned how to be quiet before God and listen to Him. And I will be teaching this to the children.

~ Sonia

KidZ at Heart is unique!

~ Dehedri

I have been doing children’s ministry for many years – even so I am not too old to learn some of these new methods!

~ Felecia

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