At a recent three day workshop in Salima, Malawi, the KidZ at Heart Live Event material was translated into the local language Chichewa.

After 4 years of teaching KidZ at Heart to local teachers in Malawi, this translation of a significant portion of the material represents an exciting new development.  These Live Events had previously been taught in English with the aid of a translator. There are now also plans to complete the translation of the material.

This translation really fits with the KidZ at Heart value of reaching children’s workers and children within the context of their own culture and community. It now also opens the possibility of training local KidZ at Heart instructors in Malawi. Please pray with us for this opportunity, as well as for new ministry contacts in Lilongwe.

One of the local translators, with a beaming face and great excitement shared his ‘light bulb moment’ while translating the training material:

“For the first time, my eyes have been opened to what it means to pray without ceasing. Now I understand! I never thought that translating this training material for children would enrich my own life!”