440 excited teenagers, from 21 youth groups across Johannesburg, gathered for a live Silver Ring Thing (SRT) Show at Bryanston Bible Church on a Friday evening in May 2019.

The message on purity, abstinence and God’s plan for sex was brought across dynamically and the young people were engaged by the energy and ‘vibe’ of the video clips, drama, comedy and music.

They were also ministered to by the testimonies of those who shared their personal journeys and the message of second chances and God’s grace and redemption.



Praise God for the hundreds of teenagers who committed to sexual purity and the many salvation decisions. The young people were also given the opportunity to purchase rings – to wear as an external sign of their commitment to purity.


Through PROJECT 434 – SILVER RING THING’S DVD BASED PROGRAM – it is now possible for anyone to facilitate the Silver Ring Thing Program in their church, school, community, youth or small group.







For more information on Silver Ring Thing or to purchase the Project 434 DVD Kit , please click here


What youth pastors are saying are saying about SRT …

I loved the fact that the youth could stand side by side with so many other young people who had also chosen purity. It’s so good for them to know that they are not alone. We are a community and we can hold one another accountable. That is why I love and support SRT: it’s something the youth can stand for and be proud of!

I was thrilled to see more than 100 teenagers from my youth group make a pledge to stay sexually pure – and put on a ring as an external expression of their inward desire to commit to purity – understanding that we need to be pure and holy – because we serve a Holy God.
~ Charl van Wyk, Youth pastor – Bryanston Bible Church


SRT provides such a great high octane dynamic wow factor that just appeals to the young people. The message of sexual purity is so important and presented in a way that teenagers will relate to. SRT makes abstinence and purity cool – and there is an important experience of ‘we’re in this together’!
~ Andrew Franks, Youth Pastor – Northcliff Union Church


What young people are saying…

SRT portrays God’s plan for sex in a relatable and effective way – and that’s something that’s so desperately needed. SRT talks about how sex is a beautiful gift from God when it happens within the context for which it was intended – marriage. It’s not about God spoiling your fun – it’s about being pure before a holy God and protecting yourself from unnecessary baggage. So important too, is that the show includes God’s story of grace and redemption. Instead of judgement, there is the message of second chances. This is such an important part of the discussion – and life changing for so many teens.
~ Robyn


SRT is like a megaphone for the Word on purity! More people need to hear this message and understand God’s heart on sexuality – so that they will be able to glorify Him with their lives – and SRT shares this message brilliantly!
~ Deborah


SRT really connects with our generation. The show was so cool – you want to hear more! It creates the platform to talk and think about being pure physically and mentally. SRT encouraged me to make a life changing decision to stay pure and I am so grateful. This message of purity needs to spread to all young people to create a wave against society’s norms!
~ Erin

I feel so honoured to have had the opportunity to attend a Silver Ring Thing show. The message of SRT is so relevant. Society is so accepting of one night stands and hook ups. People think that’s the way it’s supposed to be and that’s all that sex is. But actually it’s so much more. SRT has such an important role in educating young people about the way God intended sex to be. It brings the message across in a way that’s fun, entertaining and really does hit home.
~ Carissa


I have found that when I wear my silver ring people sometimes ask about it and it’s a great way to share the gospel!
~ A

In a day and age where everything is at our fingertips, and everything we want is given to us instantly – we need to realize how important it is to wait and stay abstinent. I am glad that I decided to wait – and also grateful that this journey of abstinence has helped me to grow in faith and in my relationship with God.
~ CJ


SRT is amazing because it helps you to know that you are not alone in your decision to choose purity. It’s actually cool to wait! Hearing the testimonies and seeing all the people who have chosen abstinence was so inspiring.
~ Amy


My generation has this false belief about sex – that it can be done whenever and with whoever. We see it all the time in the media and movies. But that’s not the case – God intended sex to be so much more than casual pleasure!
SRT gives young people the platform to commit to abstaining sexually, not only is this important spiritually, but it’s vital in avoiding unwanted consequences like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy outside of marriage.
~ Themba


I feel like in my generation sex before marriage is becoming more and more accepted. There is such a need to understand how damaging it can actually be. Sometimes even Christians grow up knowing that it’s better to wait, but don’t fully understand why. The analogy of how you are giving away part of yourself to every person you sleep with was so helpful. In the end it’s really about staying pure in your relationship with Jesus!
~ Amy

I think that in our modern society, sex before marriage has almost become normal – and teenagers growing up don’t understand the importance of abstinence. So I believe that the message of SRT is so important for our generation. It motivates young people to accept and live in purity before marriage.
~ Yvonne


The Silver Ring Thing is so necessary for our generation because we live in a time where sexual purity is not celebrated much. Our society deems those who remain sexually pure as the outliers, even though purity is God’s design for us.
~ D